The Journey Begins

Music is like a drug that I could never kick. The more music I consume the more I want and the deeper I dig to find it. My name is Tyrone Basket and I am a full time blogger and founder of The Daily Frequency. As a music junkie with a journalism degree from Rutgers University, I find that writing about music and the culture that surrounds it not only gives me purpose but it makes me feel alive. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the music scene but since I am no where near skilled enough to be a musician, rapper, or a DJ even if all they do is “push a button,” I’ve decided to stay in my lane and write.

Music plays an extremely important roll in society and who we are as human beings. It’s one of the purest and oldest forms of self expression that influences how we think, how we act, and what we fight for on a global scale. Music defines generations, combats authority, and stands for those who can’t stand for themselves. Music makes you laugh, cry, dance, rebel, party, and rage. It can be simple or sophisticated. Loud and obnoxious or soft and peaceful. It’s for lovers, it’s for fighters. Music crosses borders and breaks the language barrier. It can start war, it can stop war, and lead to great social change. Without music we would be lost. The art itself is universal.

We may disagree on what makes music good or what makes music bad, but if it makes you feel that strong emotion, that hair raising, goose-bump rising, feeling of a song that resonates with you then it’s done it’s job, no matter what genre or how popular it may be. That is why I’ve created the daily frequency. I want this to be more than just a music blog. I am not here to critique, as art is art. I am here to interpret, examine, indulge, and appreciate all types of music mainstream or underground, old or new. Music is more than just lyrics and rhythm. It is a way to decorate time and bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together. Follow me on my journey to discover new and old music and bring people together in a way only music can.

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