Trampa Stirs Up a Ruckus With Disrespect LP

Over the past decade, Trampa has been igniting dance floors worldwide with his chaotic, high-energy dubstep. From being the first artist to release music on the now infamous Never Say Die label to pioneering a new sound and constantly pushing the limits of bass music, the UK producer has created quite an impressive career.

Aside from Ruckus released in 2020 with Marauda, Trampa has been on a hiatus leaving fans pondering his next move. Taking time to find himself and harness his creative energy during the pandemic, Trampa has put together an extensive ten-track LP showcasing everything in his repertoire.

Released on Never Say Die Records on April 30th, Trampa’s debut album titled Disrespect is everything you’d expect from the rowdy producer and more. Trampa shows his production can exist outside of the typical bass sound that he has pioneered over the years, yet still stays true to what makes Trampa, well, Trampa. As fans, we finally get what many of us have been craving all along. A glance into the mind of one of the most prolific artists in bass music as Disrespect solidifies Trampa’s diverse capabilities.

Trampa explores a multitude of genres.

While Disrespect is packed full of riddim bangers and in-your-face bass, it’s evident that this wasn’t Trampa’s main focus. Instead, he opts to try something inherently new. He incorporates influences from numerous genres throughout the electronic realm. From the UK drill-inspired track Generals to the UK Garage and breakbeat feel of All Night, Trampa paid homage to the old school sound that paved the way for today’s scene. Surprisingly, two of the biggest tracks on the record are the drum and bass slappers titled Back 2 Me and Signal. Meshing the grimey feel of the 90s rave scene with today’s sounds, Trampa created something utterly unique yet timeless.

Trampa teams up with dubstep’s heavy hitter Space Laces

If there is one track on the album that should have a “may break your neck” disclaimer, it’s Shank. Trampa teams with dubstep legend Space Laces to bring the heaviest of bass. Shank will surely disrupt the dance floor with hostile energy and turbulent madness, leaving the crowd in a complete frenzy. Shank demonstrates the sheer power the two producers bring to the table and perfectly captures the essence of both artists.

Disrespect confirms Trampa’s ability to push the boundaries of bass music

It’s always refreshing when an artist can really hone in on their craft and showcase a complete body of expression. With Disrespect, Trampa was able to do just that. Instead of just going with what was familiar, Trampa chose to evolve as an artist and incorporate new sounds and influences, pushing bass and dubstep along even further.

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