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In Orbit Dubz Talks Making Dubstep, Alien Life, and More!

by Tyrone Basket

Reigning from the stars but residing in the Motor City,  In Orbit Dubz has been busy snatching souls with his earth-shattering bass. Harnessing the ability to effortlessly shift between genres, the Detroit producer will draw you in with mesmerizing soundscapes before blasting you into oblivion with wubs that could only be described as abrupt, dirty, and aggressive. His haunting intergalactic mask with bright glowing eyes only adds to his extraterrestrial allure. If aliens threw a rave in deep space, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that In Ornit Dubz would be DJing.

2021 is looking to be a breakout year for the quickly rising bass artist. So don’t be surprised when the name In Orbit Dubz starts popping up everywhere. Following two massive EPs, his newest single, Space Blunt, has stirred up a frenzy in the bass scene. Exclusively premiered on EDM Identity, Space Blunt featuring Zingara has found its way to Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan Weekly Spotify playlist.

On top of dropping his next single Maximum Ignorance on July 2nd, you can catch the Detroit producer throwing down at festivals like Wubb’d out, Indepen-Dance Day, and Wubduction.

The Daily Frequency reached out to the inter-dimensional DJ to discuss his name, how he got into dubstep, and much more!

Read the full interview below!

Congrats on such a huge year so far. We’re just 6 months through 2021, and you’ve already released two Eps and a ton of singles. How are you able to put out so much work at such a high level?

I put out so much music because I make so much of it on a weekly basis. I try to release everything that I make, so in order to do that, I have to rapid-fire them. I’m really trying to drop about 30 songs this year.

I’m not a believer in labels. Yes, they can help get your music heard, but that’s no fun. The real fun is grinding and self-releasing and workin for this shit.

This is another reason why I make and release so many songs. I never have any deadlines, so I’m never pressured to release I kind of just make music and drop it as I go. I make this music because I love doing it, and I believe it’s the passion that has gotten me this far so quickly.

Explain the name In Orbit Dubz.

People think it’s space/ alienish because of the branding. The honest truth is when I was younger, I took edibles with my boy and got way too high. Like trippin balls high… I think it was my second time ever gettin baked. Long story short, while I was high, I looked at him and said, “bro, I am in orbit,” and the name just stuck with me for my whole DJ career.

Cities are finally opening back up, and live music is starting to feel normal once again. How is the scene looking over in Detroit?

The scene is honestly recovering pretty well. A lot of people are following the rules, and it’s exciting to see everyone raging in safety. I’ve gotten to play a few smaller local shows, but I am excited for what the future will look like for myself and the Detroit Scene.

How did you get into music production, and what drew you to dubstep?

I used to DJ parties in high school and shit like that but never produced until later on. Honestly, because I wasn’t passionate about producing yet. I didn’t know what music to make, and it all just seemed really hard to do. 

It wasn’t until I saw excision live that I started producing. He literally changed my life. It was a moment where right then and there, I knew this is the only thing I could ever do with my life and be happy. I think it was 2019, and I’d hop on my laptop once every month or two and bullshit around. 2020 is when I said I wanna learn this shit and get really good. So I did. I sat in my room for 5-10 hours a day. Pretty much every day and just made song after song. I’m about 1 1/2 years deep into seriously producing, and I think so far, I can be proud of the progress. Once again, anybody can do this stuff. It’s all about the time and passion.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Easily Excision, Svdden death, Calcium, and Subtronics.

Lately, I’ve been getting super inspired by a lot of Wook bass artists like Space Wizard, etc.

I love your hard-hitting sound. Its obvious heavy bass is your forte which makes your ability to switch up your style on your Program Euphoria Ep even more impressive. How important is versatility in today’s scene?

I think that limiting myself to one genre is almost a little boring. My music would probably end up getting very stale, and it would be hard for me to get creative with new projects.

Like, imagine going to school for 8 years and just taking English classes only. That shit would get pretty old.

Making other genres can gain you more fans, and ultimately getting out of your comfort zone is the key to growing and learning more about this art form. Doing this will also help round out your sets with a bunch of different styles of music.

The creativity with your vocals really makes your tracks stand out in a fun and unique way. Do you think that ignorant style of vocals is what’s missing in dubstep?

I’ll start this question with a statement. The vocal 9/10 times is the most important element in an EDM song. It can make or break the whole idea.

As far as ignorance goes, I don’t think it’s really missing; I just think it’s untapped. I feel like people can think it’s a little unprofessional but homie, if I wanted to be professional, I’d go to college for a job where I’d have to wear a suit and tie every day. I make this music because it’s fun doing it.

You’ve announced a ton of new shows throughout the summer, playing fests like Wubb’d Out among others. What can fans expect once you take the stage?

My set consists of a lot of edits, mashups, and originals. Everything about it is unique. My sets have the heaviness, the emotion, and the mind-melting shit. I’ve been investing all the money I’ve earned so far in my career into custom CGI visuals. I wanna give my fans a full audiovisual experience. I wanna talk more about it, but I also want it to be more of a surprise for the first people that get to witness it.

If you could play one festival, what would it be and why?

Lost lands would be super fun, but if I had to pick any fest, it would probably be EDC because I would get to hit all kinds of different sets after id play.

Lastly, do aliens exist?

Fuck yeah, bro. I’ve been hip since day one. Now even the government is coming out about all this shit. Really fucking mind-blowing that someday in the future, those aliens might be us going to different planets and galaxies.

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