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Griz Launches Cannabis Lines Astro Hippie and Telescope CBD

by Tyrone Basket

After years in the making, Griz is once again dipping his toes into the marijuana industry. If you are a fan of the Denver DJ, this move is anything but surprising. Don’t forget in 2017 Griz made headlines with his award winning strain. He has been an ambassador for the flower since the beginning of his career. Whether it’s smoking four joints on Instagram to celebrate his new album Rainbow Brain or sharing stories of how weed calms his anxiety.

On Thursday morning on August 26th Griz announced the grand opening of Astro Hippie. While the line is exclusively for dispensaries in his home state of Michigan, he hinted at expanding to new cities in the future.

Selling weed is nothing new for Griz

Griz has always been involved with marijuana and is taking full advantage of legalization. “I’ve been selling weed since I was young,” GRiZ explained. “At that time, it was very illegal. I continued selling weed into college. That was a way to sustain my income. This is also a family business, as my brother is involved. On top of that, the THC side of things has grown in Michigan, at Lansing, where I went to college with a grower who I may or may not have bought kush from in college.”

Astro Hippie announces three new strains.

Starting on Friday, August 27th, dispensaries throughout Michigan will offer three Astro Hippie strains called Tie-Dye Medusa, G-Funk, and Mr.B OG. Not only do these strains embrace the marijuana culture Griz holds dearly, but they represent his Being as a whole, from his free-spirited outlook on life to the funkadelic sounds of his music.

“Astro Hippie is for the space cases, the daydreamers, the solo stoners, the wake n’ Bakers, the late night tokers, or anyone who wants to explore life in maximum color.”- Griz

Check out the strains below!

Tie-Dye Medusa

With 23.5%-25.5 % THC, this hybrid is the perfect bud (no pun intended) to hang with friends.


An indica heavy dominant with 28%-31% THC, G-Funk is a potent stress reliever.


This 25.5%-28% THC hybrid will blast you into outer space.

Griz Launches CBD Line

If blasting off is a bit daunting for your liking Griz also announced his CBD focused line called Telescope CBD. “For me personally, I found CBD to be a very amazing moment of relief within the same sort of nostalgic sort of feeling, or just in the similar vein of that relaxing and pain-relieving and stress-relieving way that the THC side of marijuana was giving me, in a new format,” Said Griz. “That is something that I frequently use—not as a replacement—but they both have very specific and very real applications. Being able to have that option is so important.”

Unlike Astro Hippie, Telescope CBD is available for online purchase in all 50 States, offering CBD hemp flower, 10:1 CBD THC Gummies, and high quality CBD tinctures.

Check out Astro Hippie and Telescope CBD to learn more!

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