Dabin Gets Emotional On Between Broken

If you are like me, future bass hits you in one of two ways. Either it’s corny and overproduced, or it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. In Dabin’s case, it’s as close to the latter as you are going to get. On October 15th, the now Denver-based producer released his third studio album titled Between Broken. Intertwining the lines between electronic pop and rock, Dabin rides the wave of emotional bliss through euphoric soundscapes and captivating guitar riffs.

Rock Stands Strong on Between Broken

While the multi-instrumentalist turned future bass phenom utilizes everything from the piano to the drums, it is clear that the electric guitar reigns supreme throughout Between Broken. From the psychedelic strums on Smoke Signals to the electric riffs on Again, Dabin wastes no time proving his versatility. On Ready featuring William Black Dabin, channels indie rock vibes while embodying a pop-punk allure on Hope it Hurts with Essenger.

Dabin embraces his emotions

Embracing the sad boi aesthetic, Dabin dives deep into his chamber of emotions and leaves it all on the album. Filled with nostalgic basslines, beautiful harmonies, and emotionally driven lyrics, Between Broken is not only a record for the hopeless romantic but for the soul searcher. While each track is unique in its own way, there is a universal theme throughout the album. Life is always full of ups and downs. Good memories as well as painful experiences. It is up to us to decide how those experiences shape our reality.

Dabin explains that “The concept behind ‘Between Broken’ alludes to the idea that we are all just this union of memories and experiences. And more often than not, it’s the negative experiences that shape our character and make us stronger. While it’s easy to let the weight of these negative experiences dictate our sense of self, I think it’s the moments in between these experiences, and how we overcome them, that define us and shape us into the people we are today.”

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