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Subtronics Drops Spacetime Off Upcoming Album Fractals

by Tyrone Basket

At midnight Subtronics dropped the first single titled Spacetime off of his debut album Fractals. With spacey angelic vocals provided by singer/songwriter Nevve, Subtronics enters a new realm of melodic soundscapes. However, no Subtronics song is complete without mind-melting bass designed to blast you into oblivion.

On December 13th, The Cyclops Army General took to Twitter to announce his debut album Fractals will be coming sometime in January 2022.

While Subtronics is known for his extensive catalog, this will be the first full-length album of his career. The renowned bass producer has been hard at work living inside his at-home studio between shows for the past two years. The release of Spacetime not only shows how much he has grown as a producer but the direction his sound is going as he aims to dominate all spectrums of bass music.

Alongside his debut album, you can find Subtronics on the Fractal Tour, which aims to kick off in Seattle on January 14th. The massive North American tour will feature some of the biggest names in bass music, from Boogie T to Level Up, Dirt Monkey, and more.

You can purchase tickets for The Fractal Tour here.

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