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AVELLO Creates a Beautiful Chaos With ‘Until I Die’

by Tyrone Basket

Drawing inspiration from both the melodic and experimental sides of bass, AVELLO has cultivated a sound entirely his own. With his latest release, Until I Die, the Florida producer expands on this notion of blending heavy bass with emotional soundscapes to create an experience that stimulates your body, mind, and soul. 

Released today, on April 14, Until I Die is filled with moving melodies, angelic vocal work, and pulsing bass you can’t help but get lost in. Not only does the track break down the walls of what melodic bass can be but sets forth a new direction for the rising bass producer. 

“My sound is evolving in a new direction, and “Until I Die” is a huge step along that path. I have a vision of bringing experimental and melodic styles together to develop a unique sound,” AVELLO explained to The Daily Frequency. “Lately, my productions have been revolving around this idea. I want to ride the line between heavy and beautiful, to the point that it’s no longer a combination but a single, unified sound.”

Until I Die starts out with AVELLO’s staple melodic sound as heartfelt lyrics and blissful synth work draw you in before the drop entrances you into a euphoric state. Then out of nowhere, the track becomes aggressive and distorted as heavy bass and experimental sounds blast you into the stratosphere. 

Check Out Until I Die Below.

You can download AVELLO’s Until I Die on Apple Music or your preferred streaming platform!

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