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ill. Gates Bends The Sonic Waves Of Bass With ‘Bent’

by Tyrone Basket

With a relentless demeanor in the studio and an uncanny ability to push sounds toward new horizons, ill. gates has once again dismantled the notion of contemporary bass music and created a lane of his own. Masterly blending genres like dubstep, hip-hop, drum n bass, and glitch into a unified experimental sound, the long-time underground bass music aficionado has blown fans away with his latest project, Bent.

Released just 8 months after The Arrival LP, Bent consists of 12 unique tracks designed to blast you straight into the unpredictable realm of the bass legend’s mind. From the opening note, ill. gates wastes no time ripping you from reality as he transports you into an epic world filled with cinematic chants, wonky bass drops, and buzzing soundscapes that electrify your senses. Proclaimed as “THE” ill. gates album, Bent is not just a dope record but a revolutionary work of art.

ill. gates Showcases His Most Polished Sound Yet

It is no secret that ill. gates is one of bass music’s most influential artists. From his world-renowned tutorials to his mind-melting productions and invigorating stage presence, it is safe to say that bass music would not be what it is today without the bass dropin’ space genius that is ill. gates. However, with all his success, he made it a point to not just push his sound further than ever before with Bent but create the best music of his career. “This album is about looking darkness in the face and saying: “bitch, I will EAT you and shit out the best music of my life.” It started out as a lifeline. Then it became an escape, opened some new doors, turned on the lights, and then threw a raging party. Before I knew it, I had to remaster songs from 2019 to bring them up to the new standard. I finally feel like I’ve made THE ill. Gates album, and I couldn’t be happier to share it.” He explained on Instagram.

Bent Can’t Be Cornered Into One Genre

Taking a little inspiration from a plethora of sub-genres, ill. gates has developed a style of bass music that cannot be defined by the typical barriers of electronic music. Instead, his sound constantly pushes boundaries and allows him to have a unique sense of freedom when it comes to his productions. With Bent he further expands on this notion of an undefinable sound that can’t be boxed into one corner of bass. Whether he is dropping a DNB flip of Spark by Dream Tonic, getting his wobble on with Eject, or blasting you into the abyss with earth rattling bass of Cabbastu gates finds a way to not only reinvent his sound but hone in on the unknown and unexplored. While each track is different in its own unique way they flow together in perfectly to create one concise project.

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