Avilo Talks The State Of House Music, Upcoming EP, & More

Reigning from The Windy City, Dylan Fisher, who goes by the stage name Avilo, has been busy setting Chicago’s electronic scene ablaze with his unique style of house music. Drawing inspiration from classic rock, and Chicago house, he has created a dance heavy sound filled with melocid soundscapes and groovy basslines that will make you lose control. With a name that translates to “Music That Lives Forver,” Avilo is on a mission to create a version of house that is not just timeless but deeply impactful. The Daily Frequency had the opportunity to sit down with the Chicago producer to discuss his musical background, his upcoming debut EP, and so much more.

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Tell me about your instrumental background. How long have you been playing music, and what inspired you to jump into producing electronic music?

I’ve been playing music and writing my own songs since the age of 6, playing vocalist & composer in many different music projects throughout middle school into high school. I had written off modern pop music as electronic and, in turn, never paid much attention to the growing phenomenon during my youth. At the age of 18, I discovered Rufus Du Sol at Electric Forest. A concert that changed my life forever.

How much would you say your city of Chicago has influenced your sound?

Chicago has greatly influenced my sound, from the locals that often play here like INPHINITY and Alex Kislov, who I feel as if I’m learning from every time I’m able to catch one of their live sets, to the Chicago artists, I’ve been able to get into the studio with like Tres Mortimer, Maximo Quinones & Benny Ohm. Chicago is the birthplace of house music and tech house, so it’s a great city to take influence from when being a house music artist.

The name Avilo translates into “Music Lives For Ever.” Do you feel like music can express feelings and emotions in a way that words cannot?

Absolutely. Music can mean different things to different people too. Take the song Snake Charmer by Fourward, for instance. My girlfriend and I feel as if the lyrics on the second breakdown are incredibly romantic and poetic. Other people or even the artist themselves, may not think of the song that way at all. I also believe just a chord progression can sometimes capture a feeling better than words can.

You mention that classic rock had a big influence on your musical upbringing. What bands would you say were the most influential to your sound?

Well, I’d say the Beatles have the biggest influence on all modern music. The Beatles were actually the first band to popularize the four on the floor drum pattern that has become synonymous with house music.

You started the new Fire House Takeovers at Primary Nightclub. What’s the inspiration behind these parties, and what’s it like to have your own curated event?

I started this event primarily to highlight house music artists that were struggling to find a venue where they could play their own style of house music. In a lot of Chicago venues, you’ll mostly find a lot of venues asking for DJs to play pop-dance mashups. So it was important to me to create a platform for these new upcoming house talents to debut their sound to the house music scene. With each event, we debut one or two new house acts to our beloved house music scene.

We seem to be entering a new era in electronic music, especially with the explosion of the house. How do you see the current state of house music, and where do you see it going?

I believe house music has always been here. If you look back at David Guetta’s early work, you’ll actually see a lot of house music. House music is more than just music. It’s an atmosphere. The crowds are far more diverse and friendly. Filled with people just looking to dance! I believe as more people get exposed to this culture, and more artists join the bandwagon, the explosion of house music is really just beginning.

You got some new releases coming up. What kind of sounds can your fans expect to hear?

On June 10th, my EP with No Face Records “La Vida” includes two records that have been tried and tested across dance floors the past few months by myself and my friends. The first record off the EP, “La Vida,” is a tech-house track with Latin drums & topline. Inspired by my recent time in Cabo, it includes my usual production motif, including a dirty build & groovy drums, but added a Latin flair and a fake drop that brings the dance floor to life. The second track, “Body, Mind & Soul,” took on a life of its own once Miami DJ / Producer F3R Stepped into my studio just over eight months ago. This is a darker record with a groovy bassline that’s sure to move the dance floor. What could only be described as dance floor weaponry, the second build and drop, is probably my favorite climax to date.

You do a mix series called “Endless Summer.” What’s the inspiration behind the series, and is a third volume coming soon?

The endless summer mix series was meant to be a nostalgic festival summer mix to help festival-goers cope through summers during covid in which there were no festival sets. Although they seemed to be a success, as I move forward with the vision I’ve been developing with my Brand, I don’t see another one coming anytime soon.

Lastly, what do you have in store for the rest of 2022?

A lot of collaborations at the beginning of the year that began over quarantine that I’ve been itching to release. Followed by a few label releases I’m very excited about. That’s all I will say on that topic because I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

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