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The greatest question when it comes to creativity is, “where do our ideas come from?”Are they something that are always inside us, just waiting for the right time to come into fruition? Do we channel these thoughts from an outside source and find inspiration in the unknown? Or, are these thoughts divine and planted in our consciousness through the all-encompassing muse? For Indiana’s Mad Pritch, it is a beautiful combination of all 3. The polarity of life, the experiences she’s had, and her relentless curiosity allows her to dive into her psyche and create art that’s just as vulnerable as it is authentic. Whether she’s producing beats, pouring out her heart into lyrics, or effortlessly flowing over a track, Mad Pritch has figured out a way to express herself in the purest form. Her hypnotizing sound activated by underground bass, hip-hop, and r&b not only brings you life but fills you with overwhelming inspiration. Catching the attention of prominent artists like Wreckno, G- Space, Adiidas, and more, she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with within the ever-growing bass community. The Daily Frequency had the opportunity to catch up with the rising Indianapolis artist to discuss her upcoming performance at Yonderville, the wonders of life and so much more.

You can read the full interview below.

When did you get into music, and was there a specific moment in your life that made you say, “this is what I’m going to do”?  

MP: I started taking piano lessons in elementary school from my grandfather, who was a wonderful pianist and vocalist. I continued playing piano recreationally throughout high school, and in college, I learned how to DJ! I immediately fell in love with DJing. I then started learning how to produce, began songwriting and my heart just knew that making music was what I wanted to do. I had been a writer of sorts since I was a little girl. I used to write short stories in my notebooks, and in high school, I started writing more abstract poems and poetry! I am very grateful because at IU (Indiana University), once I began learning how to DJ & produce, I immediately started taking music theory and audio technology courses. IU has an amazing music school that I was able to take many classes from, which was incredibly beneficial to the kickstart of my journey in sound. I love being able to tie in two things I have loved & done since I was a girl (play the piano & write poetry) into what I have grown to love and learn as a woman (produce electronic music and song write!).

Not only do you produce, but you write, rap, and sing your own lyrics. Do you feel like your ability to do everything on a track helps you fully express yourself?

MP: I definitely believe that being able to produce, song write, rap, record & mix everything on my own helps me fully express myself while making music! It is definitely efficient, and I like being able to rely fully on myself to make a song. Though I do have an incredible mastering engineer, Kial Knickerbocker, and without him, my music wouldn’t be what it is. I am so grateful for his musical mentorship and guidance. As much as I love making a song entirely on my own, I also love when friends of mine send me beats and want me to write & rap on them! I have so many talented friends who are amazing producers, and I am always honored when they want my voice on a beat they made.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations for your sound?

MP: My number one inspiration for my sound is mother earth / nature. I gather a lot of my musical inspiration while I am spending time outside! Whether I am walking barefoot on the earth, swimming in a lake, out on a walk, admiring trees, watering my garden & flowers, being at the beach, watching bees buzzing around flowers, or sitting in the sun… nature fills my creative spirit with an abundance of inspiration that I then bring with me into the studio! Musically, I am very inspired by artists such as CharlesTheFirst, G-Space, Alina Baraz, Supertask, Norah Jones, Bob Marley, Corinne Bailey Rae, Bow Wow, Omarion, tiedye ky, EAZYBAKED, rsrch chmcls / Smokestax, Amanda Perez, Fantasia, Nelly, Brian Simpson, Twista, Drake, Wale, Erik Satie, 6LACK, Amon Tobin, Thys, Tsuruda, Million Eyes, Noer the Boy and Smino. I love jazz and symphonic / orchestral music as well and listen to those genres quite often!

The lyrics you write are philosophical, profound, and deeply connected to the human experience. Where does your spiritual side come from? 

MP: Thank you so much! I have always been a spiritual person, trying to go deeper and figure out the meaning of life and the truth of this world. I think my curiosity stems from my spirituality. There is something really magical about art & life in general. I am just grateful to let the magic blow through me and create what is destined to be created! I believe my art has been an abode for my spirituality. I also believe that my deep connection to nature and the earth is where my spiritual side stems from. I feel closest to what the eyes cannot see but what the heart and soul can feel when I am immersed in nature, and when I am making music!

Not only are you an incredible artist, but you are an avid reader. How has reading impacted your life both inside and outside of music? 

MP: Love this question! I love reading because it allows me to enter another human’s mind! I have been a bit of a bookworm since I was a little girl. I love reading all kinds of books such as philosophy, eastern thought, poetry, all kinds of fiction, & health / overall wellness. There are and have been so many interesting people in the world, and authors use their gift of thinking / writing to connect with humanity and spread their messages. I think authors are similar to musicians. Musicians express themselves through sound and connect with people all over the world. Authors express themselves through their words and connect with people all over the world! I definitely plan on writing a book one day. Reading has helped me grow in terms of thought, and it has also helped grow my perspectives on many topics by entering the minds of other writers from all over the world. I think reading is a very meditative hobby that could benefit everyone. You can bring a book with you anywhere you go; sitting outside, on a plane, on the couch, to your parents house, to a park, to a museum, to the beach, to the bathtub, to a coffee shop! I believe reading has impacted my music by making me a more versed thinker and writer. I love growing in thought & perspective and then transmuting that into my music!

If there were one book you would recommend, what would it be? 

MP:  One book that I would recommend to everyone is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. It is an incredible book! Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorite authors.

On top of reading, you’re into other hobbies such as photography, yoga, gardening, and exploring nature. Do you feel like having those types of outlets help you creatively while in the studio? 

MP: Love this question! I definitely think that having many creative outlets assists in my performance in the studio. My days are full of beauty and inspiration which is wonderful because I rarely have “writer’s block” or lack of inspiration while creating. I aim to start my day going on a walk, cooking breakfast, reading and drinking a cup of coffee outside, watering my flowers and garden, and doing yoga. By the time I sit down to make music that day I have already experienced the beauty of nature and feel at peace & inspired! I try to set my mornings up so that the moment I step into my studio, I am feeling joyful, harmonious, and ready to create! 

You seem like such a free soul. If you had to pick a spirit animal, what would it be and why? 

MP: Aw, thank you! I think my spirit animal would be either a wolf or a ladybug. I have always had connections with big dogs, and to me, they symbolize loyalty, freedom, instincts, unconditional love, protection, and playfulness. I also love ladybugs! They give me a sense of wonder, joy, and prosperity. My first car was a red Volkswagen Beetle named Ladybug! 

While you explore music across various realms, from hip-hop to r&b and electronic, you have a strong connection to the bass scene. What is it about the bass community that draws you in the most?

MP: I have always been drawn to the bass scene. I love underground bass music, and many of the musicians & listeners are sonically open-minded. I produce a wide variety of genres, and I’ve always felt welcomed and accepted in the bass scene. I feel as though the underground scene is one big family, and we all encourage one another’s authenticity. I absolutely love that! The bass scene inspires me to think outside the box and express myself in the most pure, organic, and original way!

Speaking of bass, you are set to play Yonderville with a ton of amazing artists! What can fans expect once you take the stage? 

MP: I am so excited for Yonderville! I will be playing a set full of originals and collaborations with some of my dearest friends & fellow musicians! I have a good chunk of unreleased music that I will be playing, as well as my favorite music that I’ve made over the years! I have a new album coming out at the beginning of fall, so I may be sprinkling in some of those songs as well! 🙂

Lastly, when it comes to your music and art, what type of impact would you like to leave on the world? 

MP: I wish to inspire humanity to live a more holistic, self accountable, healthy, simple, playful, natural, creative, intentional, sovereign, vibrant and joyful life. In a society that is becoming very digital, I want to leave behind the message that there is so much beauty & meaning when you simply live in accord with nature. Make art, go outside, read a book, move your body, nourish yourself well, grow a garden, be in the sun, dance, sing, love, build beautiful relationships, be yourself! Learn to fall in love with the little things in life. Open your eyes to the beauty all around you! Be grateful for what you have and who you are! Be grateful for the gift that is life! <3

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