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King Joe Dives Into The Dark With ‘Cult Of Darkness’ EP

by Tyrone Basket

Without the illumination of the moon, an overwhelming darkness will consume us each night. However, without that complete and utter darkness, we would never experience the magnitude of the moon’s everlasting beauty. As king Joe explored in his Light & Dark EP released in march, life is a duality. Without the light, there will be no dark, and without the dark, there will be no light. Now about four months later, King Joe is back with yet another mind-expanding EP. With the Cult of Darkness, the Philly experimental bass producer dives headfirst into the unknown darkness that we all know too well. But, the darkness is not the enemy. The darkness is not something we should run from. Rather something we should confront even if our innermost fears tell us otherwise. 

Making his UK debut through Reloaded Sounds, King Joe’s Cult of Darkness was officially released last night on July 13th, during the biggest full moon of the year. The release aligning with the buck moon was no random act, yet instead calculated with the utmost intent. As the energy of the buck moon propels us to a higher version of ourselves, the Cult of Darkness is designed to accompany you through the trials and tribulations as you head towards the light. 

“The vision of it was to make you feel comfortable and help guide you through your lonely times in your mind,” King Joe explained. 

The three-track EP opens up with Osho’s Theme as the mesmerizing words of Osho Rajneesh lead into deep, dark, and esoteric bass. Then the hypnotic yet comforting sound of Cult Leader submerges you into your subconscious as the reality of the outside world dissolves around you. Lastly, the ominous and eerie vibe of Ceremony encourages you to welcome the darkness and emerge into your new reality, as a higher version of yourself. 

With Cult Of Darkness, King Joe not only shows how far he’s come as a producer but showcases an undeniable ability to take listeners on a journey through sound and vibrations. So, whether you can’t get enough of experimental bass or just began dipping your toes in the scene, King Joe’s Cult Of Darkness is absolutely a must-listen!

You can catch King Joe throwing down at Big Dub Festival and stream his Cult of Darkness EP HERE!

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