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Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane With AVELLO’s ‘Sunshine’ With Search For Hiraeth

by Tyrone Basket

It has been said that the power of music can trigger past memories and rekindle old emotions. AVELLO’’s latest release, Sunshine featuring Search For Hiraeth, not only takes you on a trip down memory lane but floods your senses with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia. 

Released today, on August 25, Sunshine expands on AVELLO’s signature sound as he combines blissful illuminating melodies with Hiraeth’s pop-centric vocals in a way that makes you long for forgotten times. Perfectly catching the essence of reminiscing on those innocent days, Search For Hiraeth hits you right in the feels as he starts the track, singing, “Sad is not the right word to describe this feeling. Down, always laying down looking up at the ceiling, and I cant stop thinking about the old days, go back to my old ways when I was young.”

 Looking back, thinking about all the little moments in life that have passed isn’t always a sad experience. While you may miss those days, it is those memories that bring you a sense of warmth and peace whenever you think about them. For Search For Hiraeth, writing these lyrics brought him back to moments in time that he’ll forever cherish. “Writing this song was a cathartic experience. As I was writing the lyrics, my head began to flood with old memories with my friends that I’ll cherish forever. To this day, I find myself holding on to the little moments that have had such a biding impact on my life,” he explained. 

Once again, AVELLO shows off his ability to capture the emotion of words and transcribe them into beautiful soundscapes that not only reflect the message of the lyrics but amplify it. “I remember the day that Search For Hiraeth shot over the demo for Sunshine. I immediately got chills and knew this project could really be something special. The lyrics are so raw, organic, and pure. I laid down half a dozen different drop ideas with the goal of encapsulating those feelings. Finally, we came to this last arrangement and knew it was the one. I hope it resonates with you as it has with us,” AVELLO stated. 

Whether you’re reminiscing on the easy days of childhood or looking back at moments that shaped who you are today, Sunshine is an absolute must-listen. 

You can listen to Sunshine By AVELLO & Search For Hiraeth Below.

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