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Smoakland Sparks Up The Bass With The ‘Smoak Sesh’ EP

by Tyrone Basket

Dropping heavy bass like ashes off a blunt, the Smoakland boys are back with yet another face-melting release. The highly anticipated Smoak Sesh EP officially hit streaming platforms Friday, September 2nd, turning the bass world into a frenzy.

Released through Deadbeats, Smoak Sesh is the duo’s heaviest project to date and will not only blow your speakers but quite possibly your mind. Packed with five songs of straight fire, Smoakland pushes the boundaries of their sound while sprinkling in hints of melodic elements and pure raw emotion.

Not only was Smoakland on the top of their game, but so were their features. Perfectly complementing the duo’s signature style, Cyber G, Koli, and Attitude bring some additional flare that take the record to the next level.

Overall, Smoak Sesh is an absolute must- listen for any bass music fanatic. By expanding on the heavy allure of freeform bass, Smoakland explores a multitude of sounds that keep you perplexed in a hazy state of bliss from start to finish. Whether it’s the aggressive, in-your-face vibe of Welcome to Smoakland or the dream-like ambiance of I Need A Dream, Smoakland takes you on a mind-melting journey through the multi-verse.

You can catch Smoakland rinsing the Smoak Sesh EP and a whole lot of other head-knocking bangers on their massive Smoak Sesh tour! You can buy tickets HERE!

Listen to Smoak Sesh HERE!

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