[Listen] Human Movement Reinvents ‘Vigil’ by Golden Features With a 90s Twist

Taking it back to that 90s-era underground sound, the rising Australian DJ and producer known as Human Movement transforms Golden Features’ Vigil into a hypnotic breakbeat banger. While the original track is filled with dark electronica that’s both brooding and rhythmic in nature, Human Movement’s remix of Vigil is upbeat and beautifully chaotic. Known for his unique style of dance music that fuses 90s house, UK garage, and old-school rave into one concise sound, it only makes sense that Human Nature’s Vigil remix serves as an ode to that retro rave flavor. With double-time percussion and 90s-inspired soundscapes, the Aussie dance music aficionado takes listeners on a nostalgic sonic adventure through time itself.

Listen to Golden Features – Vigil (Human Movement Remix) below.

You can stream Golden Features – Vigil (Human Movement Remix) HERE!

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