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[Listen] Golden Features Drops New Single ‘Endit’ Featuring Rromarin

by Tyrone Basket

2022 has been an incredible ride for Tom Stell, better known as Golden Features. From supporting ODESZA on The Last Goodbye Tour to releasing two ground-breaking singles in Vigil and Touch featuring Rromarin, the Australian producer has been pushing his sound further than ever before. In doing so, he has not only driven his creativity to new heights but has tested the constructs of what electronic music could be.

Today, November 3, Golden Features returns to the spotlight with his new single, Endit, released through Foreign Family Collective. Golden Features and Rromarin once again join forces and take listeners on a memorizing journey through sound. Fusing bits of hyperpop and techno, Endit is filled with emotional soundscapes, euphoric melodies, and angelic vocals that allow you to slowly drift away into sonic bliss.

“Endit was developed over a couple of years and has been through four or five distinctly different versions. Similar to ‘Touch,’ the final version crystallized when I brought over vocals Rromarin had recorded for another song and instantly knew that was it. In retrospect, and despite almost quitting on it multiple times, it turned out to be one of my favorite songs.” Golden Features stated.

Stream Golden Features’ Endit feat. Rromarin HERE!

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