Lucid Vision Talks New Single & Timeless Music Collective

Reigning from the bass capital of the world, the Denver producer Lucid Vision has developed an uncanny ability to translate unfiltered emotion into sound. By fusing live instrumentation with electronic soundscapes, he has curated a unique take on bass music that’s equally profound, psychedelic, and beautifully abstract. Through soulful melodies and vibrant beats, he takes listeners on a transcendental journey through time and space, whether you are catching his live show or simply just listening to his music.

Today, December 1, Lucid Vision dropped his highly anticipated single, Chillin With The Roommates, with fellow Denver producers Mass Relay and MlrTyme.  Filled with tripped-out soundscapes and glitchy mind-melting bass Chillin With The Roommates is without a doubt a must-listen. 

On top of the new single, Lucid Vision, Mass Relay and MLRTyme just announced the full roster for the newly formed Timeless Music Collective dedicated to independent artists and, of course the underground.

The Daily Frequency had the opportunity to sit down with Lucid Vision to discuss the new collective, Chillin With The Roommates, and so much more. Mass Relay and MlrTyme even stopped in to answer a few questions!

Check out the full interview below.

DF: Congratulations on your new single, “Chillin’ With The Roommates!” What was the inspiration behind the track?

Lucid Vision: Thank you! It was fun for us all to get together and experiment. I felt like we all brought some good things to the table. The idea was to connect with the listener in a relatable way; we’re just some roommates hanging out and making beats together.

DF: Your sound really comes together perfectly with Mass Relay and MlrTyme, and you can tell you guys have great chemistry together. How did it feel to work on such a massive track together?

Lucid Vision: We’ve all really been focusing on refining our personal “sound” in regards to sound design, FX design, mixing/mastering, song structure, etc. Valuing quality over quantity and really asking ourselves, “what type of music do I want to make?” We didn’t know what it would turn into, but we feel like we nailed it and are all really proud of the piece.

MlrTyme: I learned a lot from these other two. We always had fun in the studio together with no expectations going in, and something beautiful came out of it. The lyrics are relatable, catchy, memorable, and then combined with all the unique sounds, it came together so great.

DF: Not only have you worked together on “Chillin’ With The Roommates,” but you just launched the Timeless Music Collective! As an independent artist, what inspired you to start your own collective?

Mass Relay: All of us as artists seemed to be yearning for more of a community and feeling of collective intention within our peer group and other artists we know in the area. Starting an artist collective seems like the perfect way to utilize the relationships we already have to help bring each other up musically and to inspire more future collaborations between artists in the Denver Music scene.

Lucid Vision: I really see value in the sense of community, comradery, and synergy. We just want to connect with more enduring artists like us, and help them get more ears on their music, and support them in their artist development.

DF: Is there a specific goal or vision you wish to achieve with the collective, and what can fans expect from the Timeless Music Collective moving forward?

Lucid Vision: Really, the goal and the vision is to never stop making music and never stop in the pursuit of a dream. TMC isn’t about arriving at a destination of “timeless music” but accepting that destination as subjective and elusive and still committing to the ongoing passionate pursuit of the vision and amplifying our collective efforts in creating, discovering, and exploiting the art.

DF:  As an independent artist, what has been the hardest part of your musical journey, and is there anything you’ve learned about life itself throughout the ride?

Lucid Vision:  Wow, that’s a big question, haha. I mean, it all has been so synchronistic. There’s a lot of symbolism in the journey and in the physical creation of the art when relating to philosophies about life. But the short answer, maybe the hardest thing in the journey thus far, has been finding help.

MlrTyme: The will to keep pushing through the hard times, but that’s why I love making music. Everything in life has ups and downs, but when you get past those downs instead of giving it, the feeling is too great inside. I am the type of person that once I have my eyes set on a goal, I am going to do everything I can to get past the obstacles and achieve it. I have learned that my family will support me through anything, and they won’t ever give up on me or my dreams. I am thankful to have them, along with my friends, in my corner.

Mass Relay: As an artist, one of the most difficult elements would have to be a lurking thought that exists in the back of your mind that things might not quite work out the way you envisioned. Choosing to be an artist comes with no guarantees, and in the end, most of us who do it and stick with it do so because, for us, there truly is no other choice.

DF: You had the amazing opportunity to share the stage with members of Pink Floyd and Jane’s Addiction for Super Market Nights back in November! How did it feel to play a show with such legendary artists?

Lucid Vision: Dude, at first, I thought I was just supposed to open for them, but then when we advanced all the info, I realized the gig was to jam in a band with them, Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction) on drums, Scott Page (Pink Floyd) on saxophone, and myself as the DJ and also playing live guitar. Being able to share the space and create a set alongside such talented musicians was inspiring.

DF: Your sound is very psychedelic, and it’s clear you draw inspiration from a plethora of genres. How much of an influence have bands like Pink Floyd had on your music?

Lucid Vision: I definitely grew up more of the classic rock, punk rock, and metal. Pink Floyd was always legendary. We’ve all seen the movie “The Wall,” but yes, I definitely love not only some of the greats like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, and Aerosmith, but I also love some of the soul music from even earlier that Pretty Lights used to sample, like Donny Hathaway, O.V. Wright, Nina Simone, Etta James, Otis Redding, etc.

DF: You seem to have found the perfect balance of live instrumentation and sound design within in your productions. Do you feel like adding live instruments provides a more soulful aspect to your sound?

Lucid Vision:  I do try and put as much of my own genuine self-created sound in the music. For this specific song, I actually personally recorded all the vocals. It’s all my voice with a lot of processing, haha. And to answer the question, at the end of the day, the goal is to connect with listeners and provoke emotion, and I definitely think the live instrumentation helps bring that to life.

DF:  You create such a transformative experience with your music. Do you feel sound can express emotions in a way words cannot?

Lucid Vision: Absolutely. It can’t be described, you either feel it, or you don’t.

DF: Lastly, as we enter the new year, what can fans expect from Lucid Vision?

Lucid Vision:  Honestly, I’ve been working on some collaborations, a few of which are actually super BIG for me. Looking into 2023, plan for a lot of singles from a lot of different artists. Looking at doing a More Love Mixtape 2.0 and just focusing on one step at a time.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with the Daily Frequency and for helping us get our voices and our music heard!

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