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Mersiv & Kyral x Banko Drop Long Awaited Festival Banger ‘Juggernaut’

by Tyrone Basket
Mersiv Juggernaut

After wreaking havoc on festival crowds since pre-pandemic, Mersiv and Kyral X Banka have officially dropped the bass-fueled banger Juggernaut, us bassheads have been craving since 2019. Finally released today, December 2, through Mersiv’s very own Morflo Records, Juggernaut hits just as hard through your headphones as it does at Electric Forest.

As the track begins, Mersiv and KxB slowly pull you in as the slow buildup becomes increasingly chaotic, leading up to a deep manic voice who chillingly claims to be the “Juggernaut.” Then out of nowhere, the glitchy, bass-heavy drop blasts you deep into the ether.

Since releasing Pretty Dark Loud last October, Mersiv has not only been on top of his game but the bass scene as well. Dropping Juggernaut as 2022 comes to a close makes it clear he’ll be carrying that momentum well into the new year.

Mersiv Juggernaut artwork

Photo courtesy of Joshua Hennessee

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