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[Listen] Starya Flies High With New Single ‘Clouds’

by Tyrone Basket

Forging her own path into the ever-growing house scene, the rising DJ and producer, Starya, returns to the limelight with her latest track, Clouds. Independently released on December 5th, Clouds is filled with dreamy soundscapes and beautiful melodies that overwhelm your senses with euphoric bliss. Designed to be equally uplifting and inspiring, Clouds represents turning a new leaf in life by letting go of all the stresses and hardships that have burdened your growth. 

“Sometimes we are so caught up in our lives and the little dramas therein. I want ‘Clouds’ to lift you up above those daily stressors, to make you feel like you are floating away on the fluffiest cloud to a place where all of those things that you thought mattered so much are inconsequential’”- the La-based producer explained. 

Whether you are feeling down or looking for an escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, Clouds by Starya will absolutely brighten your day and heighten your vibrations. 

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