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Space Wizard Clashes With The Cosmos on ‘Cosmic Conjuring’

by Tyrone Basket

Ripping through the fabric of reality one bass drop at a time, Space Wizard returns from his interstellar travels with a brand new three-track EP promptly titled Cosmic Conjuring. Crash landing on all streaming platforms today, December 16, this mind-bending EP is filled with tripped-out soundscapes and wonky bass as the Denver-based producer aims to intensify his sound with more aggressive compositions. 

“Cosmic Conjuring is basically me turning a new page and going after a more aggressive sound while still keeping the things that make my art unique,” Space Wizard explains. “ I’ve worked really hard to separate this not only in vibe but production quality as well from my previous releases. Aesthetics for the visual side were just as important, with me making renders in unreal and working with John Pethick to create a unique EP cover. All in all, I’m super excited for this ep to be heard.”

You can stream Cosmic Conjuring HERE!

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