Five Must-Listen Podcasts For Electronic Music Fans

If you are like us, you can’t get enough of all things electronic music. From heavy bass to dreamy downtempo beats, emotion-fueled melodic dubstep, and soulful house, there is not a day that goes by where we don’t jam out to our favorite artists. However, constantly listening to music can be draining at times. Whether it’s commuting after a long day of work, doing mundane tasks, or hitting the road after a raging face at a festival, our minds and bodies aren’t always ready to feel the bass. But that doesn’t mean we have to ignore our passion for music all together. Luckily there are plenty of intriguing podcasts that dive deep into electronic music and will keep you entertained without getting lost in the sauce.

Check out our Five Must-Listen Podcasts For Electronic Music Fans below.

Back to Back With Willy Joy

Willy Joy is a legendary trap producer reigning from Chicago known for his work with artists like Diplo, Flosstradamus, Brillz aka LSDREAM, and Dillon Francis. Aside from throwing down electrifying sets that get the party going, Willy Joy hosts the Back to Back podcast. Each week he sits down with some of the biggest artists in the scene to discuss their come-up, what they’re up to in the now, and what life as a DJ is actually like. Some of our favorite episodes include names like Ganja White Night, Lp Giobbi, Dirt Monkey, and more.

Listen to Back To Back HERE!

The Mr. Bill Podcast

It is no secret Mr. Bill is one of the greatest producers in all of bass music. His show, promptly called The Mr. Bill Podcast, gets into the strangeness of life, producer tips, exclusive interviews, and more. Sitting down with guests ranging from the Eazybaked boys to comedian Duncan Trussel the Mr. Bill Podcast is a podcast you want to keep in your rotation.

Listen to the Mr. Bill podcast HERE!

Sherm in The Booth

A true driving force in the Chicago house scene, Sherm does more than just throw down epic dance-heavy sets. From interviewing hometown house music heroes in Chicago to world-renowned DJs like CID and Westend Sherm provides an inside look into what it takes to make it in the electronic music industry while shedding light on the undeniable talent in the underground.

Listen to Sherm in the Booth HERE!

Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast

While Andy Frasco, the frontman for Andy Frasco and The UN, is far removed from being a DJ, he truly embodies everything we love about festival culture. A true wild man on and off the stage, Frasco knows how to party. His podcast Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast dives deep into life’s biggest questions, wild stories from touring, and more as he interviews some of music’s biggest stars. Interviewing artists in a multitude of genres, he’s sat down with electronic stars Boogie T, Sunsquabi, Fatboy Slim, Cherub, and more. Even though it is well known that Frasco smokes mids, his podcast is an absolute must-listen.

Listen to Andy Franco’s World Saving Podcast HERE!


It’s time to get rowdy! When he’s not stirring up a ruckus with that blue collar bass, TVBOO is holding it down on TVLKS with TVBOO. Whether it’s a solo episode or he’s interviewing artists like GRiZ, Mersiv, or Wreckno among others, you can expect insane stories, raunchy humor, and a damn good time! But, also if you know you know. Fuck TVBOO.

Listen to TVLKS with TVBOO HERE!

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