[Listen] James and JWILLI Join Forces on Emotionally Chilling ‘No Return’ W/ Vana

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, what was once beaming with light can take a dark turn and spiral out of control bringing forth feelings of heartbreak, despair, and uncertainty. Perfectly capturing these heavy-hearted emotions, James and JWIILI’s newest single, No Return featuring Vana, takes listeners on a grueling journey through the darkness. 

Released on February 6, through Future Bass Records, No Return combines chilling soundscapes, emotionally driven bass, and Vana’s haunting vocal work to create a sonic expression that’s both hard-hitting and magnetic. “No Return is one of the harder tracks JWILLI and I have worked on. It tackles some tough emotions, relating a failing relationship to a car crash. It’s messy and can sometimes feel out of your control. We felt like a darker mood here really captured those emotions.” James stated. 

While James and JWILLI’s sound typically explores more of the bright side of life, No Return focuses on those dark and somber periods that challenge each and every one of us. “A lot of my music is about the relief and optimism on the other side of tough feelings/situations. but for this one, the pain and frustration I had been feeling was channeled directly into the songwriting. JWILLI explained. 

You can listen to No Return HERE!

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