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Break Science Ascends to New Heights With Meditative EP ‘Mecha Flora’

by Tyrone Basket

Reemerging like the sun on the horizon, Lettuce’s Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee from the Pretty Lights band have reunited as Break Science with a brand new mind-melting EP in Mecha Flora. Released on February 2, Mecha Flora marks the duo’s first full-length project since dropping Grid of Souls in 2018 as they expand on their otherworldly jamtronic sound. Spanning across six introspective tracks, Break Science takes listeners on a profound transcendental journey through consciousness itself.

Mecha Flora Is a Lockdown Era EP

While the music industry was forced into an extended vacation, Break Science used the lockdowns as an opportunity to spark a new creative revolution. As fate would have it, Deitch and Lee found themselves living just seven minutes away from each other, which allowed the duo to focus wholeheartedly on their sound and ultimately create the sonic experience which we now know as Mecha Flora. Taking an organic approach filled with live instrumentation, they not only intended to reawaken the Break Science project but create a sound that represented the dark and trying times of the pandemic in an empowering light.

Mecha Flora Intertwines Nature and the Digital

Mecha stands for digital, and Flora stands for nature, and together they represent the ebb and flow. Ebb and flow is defined as a recurrent or rhythmic pattern of coming and going and decline and regrowth. When you ponder the effect of the lockdown, the world was forced to shut down, which essentially resulted in a decline. However, light will always shine through the darkness. We were forced to examine life and existence from new perspectives, which sparked a form of regrowth within all of us.

From immersing ourselves in nature to using technology in new ways, the lockdowns opened up portals to new realities, and life moved on. This is precisely what Break Science was trying to say with Mecha Flora. Through invigorating soundscapes and soulful melodies, the record serves as a reminder that life is rhythmic in nature. Regardless of how hard life hits, life continues to move on, and new opportunities will arise. 

Break Science Creates a Meditative Experience

As the record begins, Break Science immediately transports you out of reality through the mesmerizing sounds of the title track Mecha Flora. Then rapper Niko Is captures your awareness on Live Twice through hypnotic lyricism, which takes you deeper into the collective consciousness of your mind. “I wanna see you Dance with yourself in the dark. I wanna see your mind take a chance on your heart,” Nikko raps.

The Callin then soothes the soul as warm synths and dynamic beats take you to a euphoric state you can’t help but get lost in. On Steady Within, Lilly Fagns effortlessly flows over tripped-out grooves and hip-hop-inspired basslines that catapult you to new heights before Share the Stealth brings you back down to bassline with downtempo frequencies. Lastly, Crystal Lake closes out the EP with uplifting yet somber guitar riffs that put you in a blissful and powerful trance. When listened to as a whole, Mecha Flora is a profoundly meditative experience that’s inspiring and transformative. 

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