[Listen] Raaket and Meduso Stir Up A Ruckus With ‘In The Place’

Ripping through the fabric of reality with face-melting bass, Raaket, and Meduso have teamed up for their latest collab In The Place. With both artists prepping for their debut performances at Okeechobee Music Festival, this bass-heavy banger offers fans a glimpse into what to expect once they take the stage. 

Released today, February 22, through Wubaholics, In The Place blends electrifying guitar riffs, tight rhymes, and wicked bass drops that will surely stir up a ruckus on any dance floor. The track starts off with a heavy rock n roll vibe as witty one-liners over electric guitar bellow through the speakers before monstrous yet wonky bass takes over and blasts you straight through the stratosphere. Whether you’re getting ready for Okee next week or just hunting for that next bass-fueled banger, In The Place is an absolute must-listen.

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