[Listen] Brainheart and Anica Offer Sonic Healing with ‘Close To You.’

Love isn’t always easy. Love is filled with anger, desire, jealousy, fear, and of course, heartbreak. But just because love can be challenging doesn’t mean that love isn’t worth it.  With their latest track, Close To You, Brainheart and Anika not only capture the beautiful chaos of love but offer a sense of healing to anyone dealing with heartbreak.

Released today, February 24, Close To You takes you on a heartfelt journey deep into your feelings. Brainheart’s somber yet euphoric production perfectly amplifies the raw emotion displayed in Anika’s vocals as the duo tells a story of fleeting love. “And Maybe it’s not worth the hurt. Maybe loving you is something I can Learn,” Anika sings as soft undertones and blissful harmonies sweep you away into euphoric bliss. 

Together Brainheart and Anika are able to create a track that’s both emotional and relatable, and whether you’re going through heartbreak or just looking to escape the world for a bit, Close To You is an absolute must-listen. 

You can stream both the original and alternative versions of Close To You HERE!

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