[Listen] SOHMI Shares Club-Centric New Single ‘Missin You’

SOHMI Missin You

After kicking off 2023 with the electrifying sounds of Only You, SOHMI continues to dazzle fans with the next phase of her upcoming Recital EP and her latest single Missin You

Released on Friday, March 10, Missin You combines club-centric beats and somber yet hypnotizing melodies while serving as a testament to the intimate nature carried throughout each of her previous creations. As a perfect example of art imitating life, the LA-based DJ and producer utilizes a voicemail she left on her co-producers phone as she expresses feelings of missing someone special.  

“The chopped-up spoken words throughout the track were sampled from an actual voice message I left on my co-producer Sam’s phone. It’s not an overly complex track and was meant to capture a simple, fleeting feeling; the rush of leaving a voice message or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to – but have missed – for a long time,” SOHMI explained. 

SOHMI Missin You

You can stream Missin You HERE!

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