Shlump Shakes Up The Universe With ‘Alien Bass’

Shlump DJ'ing

While the world questions whether or not aliens exist, Shlump is out here making bangers for them. Known for taking listeners on psychedelic voyages through the universe itself, the trippy space bass conductor has cultivated a sound that will truly blast you into the continuum. Of course, his latest track with Deadbeats, promptly titled Alien Bass, is no different. 

Released yesterday, March 29, Alien Bass showcases Shlump’s forward-thinking sounds as he transmits frequencies of bass at a cosmic level. The track starts off with a hypnotic celestial melody that prepares you for takeoff. Just as you’re about to enter the galactic, you’re hit with wonky bass and face-melting wubs as Shlump once again creates an otherworldly dubstep experience.

Shlump Alien Bass

You can stream Alien Bass HERE!

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