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NIMBVS Talks New Single ‘Answer,’ Inspirations & More

by Tyrone Basket

Blending nothing but raw emotion and heavy yet beautiful bass NIMBVS‘s latest track, Answer, will hit you directly in the heart like a speeding bullet. Released Thursday, March 30, Answer is not only their most cohesive release yet but showcases their incredible ability to push their sound to new heights. Without compromising their hard-hitting style, the Florida bass duo made up of Alexander McVeigh and Andrew Jolly is able to capture emotions like sadness, love, and pain and, in doing so, create a track that’s both relatable and powerful.

 “Answer is about finding the person who is so right for you and your soul, that it feels like an answer to all your questions and worries in life,” NIMBVS explained. “We wanted to make a song full of raw emotions that also fit really well into our fast-paced, heavy bass sets.”

While you may recognize NIMBVS from their Scream Beamer edit that went viral last year, you’ll remember them for tracks like Answer and Letting Go which utilize emotionally expressive soundscapes, and explosive bass drops creating sonic experiences like no other.

Through cultivating a unique sound, they’ve grabbed the attention of major artists and offered support for the likes of Ray Volple, Lucii, HE$H, and more. With only three years under their belt as a duo, NIMBVS is already making waves in the electronic scene and their journey is just beginning.  The Daily Frequency caught up with NIMBVS to talk Answer, their inspirations, and a whole lot more.

Check out the full interview below.

DF: Congratulations on your latest release in Answer! How does it feel to drop such a massive track?

NIMBVS: It feels amazing to release music we are actually extremely proud of, which is still somewhat new to us. This is definitely one of those songs, and we think it blows the rest of our catalog out of the water, so we are beyond excited for everyone to hear it!

DF: Answer is filled with so much emotion and really takes you on a heartfelt journey. Where did you draw inspiration for the track as a whole?

NIMBVS: The inspiration for this track was just the fact that we thought it would be really cool to have a song that captures as much raw emotion as possible while also fitting into our fast-paced dubstep/bass sets. We just loved the idea of something that started out so slow and tender and built slowly into a massive banger. 

DF: I love how you are able to incorporate emotions of sadness, love, and the human experience with hard-hitting bass. Aside from dropping bangers, how important is it to capture these emotions and provide a feeling to your fans they can relate to? 

NIMBVS: Extremely. People don’t share music that they casually enjoy, but they do share music that makes them feel something or connects with their life.

DF: What inspired you to start NIMBVS in 2020, and what were your musical backgrounds before you decided to come together as a duo? 

NIMBVS: In 2020, Alex asked Andrew if he wanted to form a duo because he was an avid EDM fan and Andrew had a music background. 

Alex- I didn’t really know how to go about it myself because learning about music theory and stuff seemed somewhat daunting, so Andrew seemed like the perfect person to make a duo with because he already had that background.

DF: It’s clear you guys have great chemistry together. What’s your creative process while in the studio, and how do you balance out the workload?

NIMBVS: Andrew being a former music major, does almost all of the composition and production of our music. Alex will only focus on the track’s small details, mix, and master, if anything. This is because Alex spends most of his time working on improving the marketing, branding, vision, and business.

DF: Being a duo, would you say there are any challenges you face that solo artists don’t have to deal with? 

NIMBVS: If we didn’t have very different abilities, we probably would, but because we complement each other and are good at different things, it seems as if everything goes smoother than if either of us were alone. To anyone reading, if you’re going to start any kind of partnership, make sure you aren’t getting into something with the same exact kind of person as you, who is doing the same things well as you. It will probably fail.

DF: While NIMBVS resides primarily in the melodic dubstep space, you guys have an amazing ability to expand your reach as producers and explore a multitude of genres. Would you say switching it up allows you to push the boundaries of your sound in more creative ways? 

NIMBVS: We think the number one thing producing so many different genres has taught us is how to be unique and keep the music we make somewhat interesting. If we stuck to one genre, I don’t think we would ever experiment as much as we do now. We both have always found music and artists that aren’t bound to the genre and seem to follow their own rules to be way more interesting than music that only takes inspiration from one strict genre category.

DF: While the NIMBVS project is only about three years old, you guys have come such a long way. What about your journey has surprised you the most, and what lessons have you learned along the way?

NIMBVS: I think the single most important lesson we’ve learned about both success in music as well as life so far is how to stay focused and only worry about doing the few most important things required for success in the long run. This means worrying almost exclusively about making great music and marketing that music well and in a creative way. We have found that obsessing over small details and losing focus on the important things is a recipe for failure in most of life, whether it be music, health, or relationships.

DF: Lastly, as we move into summer 23, what can fans expect from NIMBVS for the rest of the year? 

NIMBVS: You can expect some of our very best music yet, which we’re really proud of. A couple of those are some very unique melodic bass songs that are the first few singles of a massive project that we have been working on since last year, which will be coming out next year. 

You can stream Answer by NIMBVS HERE!

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