Marze Ascends To Higher Grounds With ‘First Time’ Featuring Justin Mola


There is nothing quite like the high of love, and when it hits, it hits hard. With his latest single, First Time, the rising future bass producer Marze not only captures that exhilarating rush of a first love but takes listeners on an awe-inspiring sonic journey through emotional bliss. Released on March 31, First Time features the heartfelt vocals of singer-songwriter Justin Mola over beautiful soundscapes and heavy bass that fuel the senses. 

The track begins with celestial chords that pull you in before Justin Mola takes over and describes that undeniable high of a first love. Just as your begin floating in your feelings, Marze unleashes soul-crushing bass that reminds you how powerfully hard-hitting love can be. Curating a sound that’s both euphoric and electrifying First Time is an absolute must-listen.


You can stream First Time HERE! 

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