Ish D Gets Groovy With ‘Night Rider’

Just months after bringing back that old-school funk with Just Keep Loving Me, Ish D returns with his latest single, Night Rider. Released on April 12, Night Rider expands on the LA-based producer’s old-school disco sound as he blends funky basslines with soulful 80s-style beats for a track that’s both nostalgic and refreshing. 

Merging the electronic sounds of today with the groovy beats of the past Ish D aims to craft a style of house music that is both unique and inviting for black and brown youth and hopes to make a lasting imprint on the dance community. “My whole approach when making dance music, and house music specifically, is making sure the culture and the bounce are forever intact, continuing to make the black and brown youth dance,” he explained. 

You can stream Night Rider HERE!

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