Starya On Forging New Paths, ‘Find The Key’ EP, & More

Sometimes in life, one thing has to end for something new to blossom. For Starya, that moment came just over a year ago when she adamantly decided to change her name from her previous moniker Tuff Ghost. Since then, the multi-talented DJ and producer has been putting out track after track and has not only channeled her most authentic self but created a sound that’s both undeniable and authentic. 

Doing everything from producing to laying down vocals, Starya’s voice serves as yet another instrument in her arsenal of expression. From singles like Clouds and Nice to Her to the Find The Key EP, the LA-based producer explores everything from electronic pop to dreamy house and more. With such a profound vision as a tastemaker, Starya is able to draw inspiration from a multitude of genres and absolutely cannot be boxed into one corner.

In between travels and shows, The Daily Frequency caught up with the rising star to talk about her debut EP, putting out consistent music, playing Burning Man, and more.

You can read our exclusive interview with Starya below.

DF: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! 2023 isn’t even halfway over, and you’ve dropped so much new music, including a debut EP, traveled the globe, and have played shows all over. How are you feeling about life right now?

Starya: Thank YOU! It’s definitely been a bit of a whirlwind beginning to the year. It feels great to finally have all these tracks out, and I am currently super excited to be working on new music after having my main focus be releasing and playing shows. 

DF: As I mentioned, you’ve been pumping out so many incredible tracks as of late without missing a beat! How are you able to stay so consistent with your music? 

Starya: This is something I am still working on, consistency is my biggest goal, and so I think making that a priority has helped me to stay on schedule. Also – having these all be self-releases has made it super easy to create my own schedule.

DF: On top of releasing single after single, you dropped your debut EP Find the Key at the beginning of February. What was the inspiration for the record, and is there any specific meaning behind the title itself?

Starya: Yes totally! Find the Key has a few meanings, but for me, the strongest one is the idea that we are all trying to “find the key” to life, to the path forwards, to succeeding and achieving what we want to achieve – and its all about making that happen for yourself – not just waiting around for things to happen. It also is about how I have a really hard time finding my keys sometimes…

DF: Being a vocalist, you are able to masterfully use your voice as an instrument throughout the EP, creating an incredible sonic experience. Do you feel that using your own vocals allows you to connect deeper to your sound as an artist?

Starya: 100% – for me, singing is the ultimate form of musical expression because you become the instrument, not to mention being able to convey meaning with my own words. I think, generally, what people connect with the most in music are the words or the rhythmic elements (dance), so I love combining the two. But yes, I find the most joy in adding the vocal aspect to my performances. 

DF: Your sound really can’t be boxed into one specific style and can be hypnotic, upbeat, fun, heartfelt, and at times even heavy. How important is it to switch it up and have the ability to transmit different feelings and emotions with your music?

Starya: I would say pretty important since I haven’t been able to do it any other way so far. I love a lot of different kinds of music and am inspired by lots of different vibes, so it is definitely a goal of mine to be able to explore a range of things in my music and to make tracks for every kind of crowd and energy.


DF: Let’s take it back for a bit. For those that don’t know, you were originally known as Tuff Ghost before becoming Starya at the start of 2022. Do you feel the change has sparked a newfound purpose and flow of inspiration for you as an artist?

Starya: Definitely, It’s always nice to have a fresh start, a clean slate in a way. I also feel like the new name has definitely helped me focus my vision a bit. Starya invokes a specific vibe and visual component for me that has definitely helped to inspire my process. The old name was more of an afterthought. It’s nice to feel a bit more purposeful in the way I’m representing myself.

DF: During that time, you said Tuff Ghost had to pass on into the afterlife for something new to be born. Would you say that every stage of life has its purpose and that everything ultimately happens for a reason?

Starya: Ooh, this is a very deep question.. But yes, sometimes things have to end for new things to be born. I like to think of the journey as being the purpose. That way, I can try to remember to enjoy every part of the process. For me, the “reason” has to always be to make music and to share it with others, even if that is just one person or 10,000.

DF: Now that you are over a year into the Starya project, how do you feel about what you accomplished so far?

Starya: I have no regrets! It would be nice to say I feel proud, but every time I start to feel proud about something, I turn around and realize there is a whole other world of things I don’t know or that I haven’t achieved yet… but yes, overall, I feel good about how things are going because I think I’ve been trying my best and that’s all anyone can do right?

DF: In the past year, you’ve played shows everywhere, from Vegas to Alaska and even Burning Man. What performances would you say really stood out to you the most? 

Starya: I played my dream come true show opening for Justice, my biggest electronic inspiration ever – that was definitely one that stood out and was an important milestone for me. I also just absolutely love the chaos energy that is playing on top of a burning man art car, deep in the middle of the woods, or at a DTLA warehouse party.  

DF: Lastly, as we head into the second of 2023, what can fans expect from Starya? 

My biggest goal this year is to just make a TON of new music!

Catch Starya perform at Alaska’s Sundown Solstice Festival on June 17.

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