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HEYZ Imagines a Hazy New World With ‘Into The Heyz’

by Tyrone Basket

On Wednesday, April 26, the quickly rising bass DJ known as HEYZ officially dropped the first chapter of his highly anticipated series Into The Heyz.

Released through Deadbeats, Into The Heyz Pt. 1 takes listeners on a sonic voyage into the mystifying and enchanting world found within the North Carolina producer’s mind. Blending mesmerizing melodies and earth-shattering bass HEYZ has created a sonic dreamscape that’s both vivid and wildly imaginative.

“The “Into The HEYZ” series is my greatest artistic expression to date and the launch of the HEYZ brand I’ve envisioned for years. I’m super proud of the music I’ve put together for both parts and really think it tells a cohesive audible journey matching the world beyond “The HEYZ.” This series kicks off a story that will go well beyond these songs, and I’m so excited to take everyone along for the ride,” he explained.

The adventure begins with The Portal as HEYZ captures your attention with soft melodies layered over a slowly rising atmosphere as if something otherworldy was forming before your eyes. As the track progressively gets louder and louder, it’s clear that the “something” is a portal ripping through the fabric of space and time. The euphoric soundscapes then transform into heavy bass-fueled synths as distorted voices prepare you for the new reality you are about to enter.

As you venture into this strange and unusual world, you are immediately welcomed by the celestial vocals of a DMT- like entity on In The Stars. The angelic voice offers a sense of comfort as she encourages you to “close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of your heart.” Once her verse is complete epic waves of melodic bass blast you into euphoria, giving you the sense you’re flying at the speed of light. 

The journey then begins to slow its course with I’m In Deep as HEYZ and Tape B use sound to paint vivid pictures of the mind-bending realm that surrounds you. Accompanied by nothing but wonky bass and tripped-out soundscapes, the dreamlike place filled with sandwich mountains, flying whales, and mushroom forests begin to unfold before your eyes. As part 1 gently comes to an end, it becomes clear that there will be a whole lot more to explore on Into The Heyz Pt. 2. 

You can stream Into The Heyz Pt.1 HERE!

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