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Rezz and Grabbitz Reunite With New Collab ‘Signal’

by Tyrone Basket

Rezz and Grabbitz come together, once again, following their 2020 track Someone Else to bring forth yet another electrifying sonic display with their latest collab, Signal. Out today, May 19 through Hypnovison, Signal takes listeners on an emotional ride through sound with grungy soundscapes and deep frequencies of bass. 

The track begins with haunting celestial tones that lead into Grabbitz’s angst-filled vocals as he transmits feelings of sadness and torment. “I’m still waiting for a signal from you,” he sings before Rezz unleashes a monstrous midtempo drop, blasting you into the stratosphere.

Embracing the distinct elements of rock and electronic music, ‘Signal’ fortifies the nostalgic references and cross-genre impulses present throughout Rezz’s upcoming IT’S NOT A PHASE EP. ‘Signal’ continues Rezz’s mission to bridge the gap between rock and bass music, a sound that draws inspiration from the punk bands of her teen years and the modern electronic influences that have sonically defined her. 

You can stream Signal by Rezz and Grabbitz HERE!

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