Rony Seikaly and Jem Cooke Ignite The Dance Floor With Stay With Me

Rony Seikaly, the former NBA star turned DJ, has joined forces with legendary vocalist Jem Cooke to deliver their latest track  Stay With Me through the Miami-based imprint Hurry Up Slowly. 

Released on Friday, May 19, Stay With Me is an infectious club-ready banger filled with electrifying afro house beats and soulful soundscapes designed to spark up energy on any dancefloor. Utilizing everything from cowbells, tambourines, congas, and bongos, Seikaly’s undeniable production skills perfectly compliments Jem Cooke’s mesmerizing vocal work creating a sonic experience you can’t help but get lost in. 

You can stream Stay With Me by Rony Seikaly and Jem Cooke HERE!

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