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Can’t-Miss Bass-Fueled Sets at Bonnaroo

by Tyrone Basket

What is something people aren’t ready to hear? Bonnaroo is just a few short weeks away, and us bass heads more ready than ever. After lackin’ in 2022, bass music has returned to the farm with a vengeance, and it’s safe to say things are going to get weird. From mind-melting sets at The Which to earth-shattering throw-downs at The Other, here are some bass-fueled sets you won’t want to miss at Bonnaroo. 

Check out our Can’t-Miss Dubstep Sets at Bonnaroo below. 


Get ready to hit another level because GRiZ is coming at you hotter than the Tennesee weather itself. Bringing those saxy, funkadelic, heavy bass beats to The Which Stage, GRiZ’s set will surely be engraved in Bonnaroo history for years to come. As the only non-headliner performing unopposed, the funky bass-droppin’ DJ will have the whole farm gettin’ down. 

Catch GRiZ on Friday night from 9:45-11 at The Which. 


Bonnaroo has been trying to get Subtronics on the farm since the first cancelation in 2020. Now three years later, it is finally happening. Between Fractals and Fractals Remixes, on top of all the new IDs he’s been cooking up, Subtronics will be melting faces like never before. The womp portal will officially open late night Friday at The Other, and it’s safe to say the farm isn’t ready for the madness that’s about to occur. 

Catch Subtronics on Friday night from 1:15-2:15 at The Other.

Daily Bread

If you’re a basshead who also can’t get enough of southern hip-hop, do not sleep on Daily Bread. Reigning from Atlanta, Daily Bread blends hip-hop-inspired beats with groovy, bass-heavy funk creating a sound that will leave you in disbelief. Whether he’s dropping unreleased Lil Wayne remixes or tracks from his Invisible Cinema LP, Daily Bread is one performance you won’t want to miss.

Catch Daily Bread Thursday night from 9-10 at The Other. 


Come on, who doesn’t want to see Shaq drop dirty dubstep and filthy head-knockin’ beats at Bonnaroo? The legendary NBA Hall of Famer once stated that DJing is a “one-hour adrenaline rush that only a Game Seven of the NBA Finals will give you,” so you know he’s about to go hard. If you find yourself in the pit during his set, don’t be surprised if he jumps down into to the crowd to mosh along with you!

Catch Diesel on Friday night from 2:30-3:30 at The Other.

Liquid Stranger

It’s time to get trippy! After wreaking havoc on the farm in 2019, Wakaan’s head honcho is back to take Bonnaroo on a journey through space and time with his psychedelic sound. Dropping everything from hip-hop to face-melting wubz, Liquid Stranger will have the farm transcending into the cosmos itself.

Catch Liquid Stranger on Thursday night from 11:30-12:30 at The Other.

Boogie T b2b Dirt Monkey b2b SubDocta

If you love to get weird and wonky, do not miss out on this insane b2b. Boogie T, Dirt Monkey, and SubDocta, all taking the stage at the same time, is going to be absolutely bonkers. 

Catch Boogie T b2b Dirt Monkey b2b SubDocta on Friday Night from 12-1 at The Other.


Dropping banger after banger, Peekaboo will blast you into oblivion with his legendary festival anthems like Maniac and Babatunde, among others. His unique style of bass is filled with captivating builds and electrifying drops, making him one of Bonnaroo’s most anticipated dubstep acts.

Catch Peekaboo on Friday night from  9-10 at The Other. 

Maddy O’Neal

Maddy O’Neal has been flipping the electronic scene upside down with her beautifully expressive yet fun and groovy sound. Blending everything from glitchy hip-hop to filthy bass, funk, and soul, she’s created a style that’s both undeniable and exclusively her own. Maddy O’Neal is, without a doubt, a set you won’t want to miss. 

Catch Maddy O’Neal on Friday from 5:15-6:15 at The Other. 


One of the most unique artists on the lineup, Apashe blends classical masterpieces by musicians like Mozart with mind-bending dubstep and dance-heavy trap. With one of those styles, you have to experience to understand Apashe is an absolute can’t- miss. 

Catch Apashe on Friday from 7:45-8:45 at The Other.


Get ready to lose your mind and travel down the rainbow road of dubstep once Mersiv takes the stage. Unleashing nothing but filthy bass, people walking past The Other Thursday night won’t know what hit em and may even be sucked into the vortex of the beautiful chaos that is Mersiv. 

Catch Mersiv on Thursday night from 10:15-11:15 at The Other.

Zeds Dead

Who’s Zed? Zeds Dead, Baby! Zeds Dead! Get Ready to throw your Z’s up as the legendary bass duo will close out Thursday night at The Other before running over to Where in the Woods to close out the Deadbeats takeover. Whether you’re a bass fan or not, you can’t deny the captivating sounds of Zeds Dead.

Catch Zed Dead on Thursday Night from 12:45- 2 at The Other and Where In The Woods from 3-5.

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