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Ternion Sound Traverses through Time and Space With ‘Artifice’

by Tyrone Basket

The iconic bass trio, Ternion Sound has linked up with Noisia‘s renowned label Vision to deliver a truly mind-expanding new single, Artifice. Released on Thursday, September 21, Artifice serves as a transcendent precursor to their highly anticipated album Digital Artifice, coming October 13. 

Shying away from their typical bass-heavy beats, Ternion Sound fuses an array of otherworldy soundscapes and vibrantly beautiful melodies for a sonic experience that’s both euphoric and awe-inspiring. Artifice first pulls you in with eerie atmospheres and somber synths that become strangely comforting. Then as soon as the first drum hits, you’re overtaken by a rush of distorted bass and dream-like melodies that create a feeling as if reality is dissolving around you. As the track progresses into its final form, echoing frequencies of sound finally take over and leave you levitating in ethereal bliss. 

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