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Ravenscoon Unveils Second Installment of ‘PERIPHERY’ With the ‘Heart’ EP

by Tyrone Basket

After kicking off a revolutionary journey through sound with the Body EP, Ravenscoon is back with the now second installment of the PERIPHERY LP with the Heart. Released on his birthday, September 26, the Heart EP consists of four distinct tracks that will leave you transcending into another dimension.

Just as the heart represents the body’s divine light, Ravenscoon channels spirited frequencies of bass you can feel pulsing throughout your body. The first track, Far Away, opens up the second chapter of PERIPHERY with an angelic voice hypnotically singing over slow-building synths that captivate your mind. Then, as the voice fades away, an explosion of bass blasts you deep into the void. Frozen then blends beautiful yet haunting melodies and echoing vocals that send you floating through tranquil yet explosive waves of sound. The next track, Out Cold, featuring Ian Snow, then picks up the pace with rapidly building beats and distorted soundscapes that you can’t help but get lost in. Finally, the second chapter of PERIPHERY ends with Falling Up as Ravenscoon manipulates both space and time with atmospheric risers and mesmerizing tones that create an illusion as if you’re levitating up to an unknown place.

As he did with Body, Ravenscoon sonically captures pure feeling and raw emotion on Heart in a way that’s true to himself and undoubtedly groundbreaking. From blending doses of nostalgic bass with sounds of the new age to creating a spellbinding cinematic audio experience, he’s proving he’s not just your typical dubstep producer but a visionary in the scene. However, with the Body and now Heart, we only know half of the story, that is PERIPHERY so only time will tell what will unfold once the Mind and Spirit are released into the world.

You can stream Heart by Ravenscoon HERE!

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