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F.O.O.L and Waveshaper Warp Space and Time With ‘Encounter’

by Tyrone Basket
F.O.O.L and Waveshaper

The Swedish electronic music pioneers F.O.O.L and Waveshaper have officially joined forces to deliver an epic intergalactic single in Encounter. Released on Friday, October 6, through Monstercat Uncaged, the track takes listeners on a captivating cosmic adventure like no other and feels more like a spacetime odyssey than it does a song. With an enthralling sequence of synthesizers and hypnotic yet electrifying basslines, Encounter stimulates your senses like you’re strapped to a starship soaring through the universe and is an absolute must-listen. 

“I discovered Waveshaper back in 2015 after finding his album Exploration 84 on Spotify, and I have been a fan of his music ever since, F.O.O.L explained. His diverse productions of the synth-wave genre inspired me to create more of it, so he’s played a big role in me getting back into producing more synth-like stuff again. In ‘Encounter,’ we gave our all to tell a captivating story through sound.”

Encounter is not just F.O.O.L and Waveshaper’s latest single but offers a glimpse of what’s to come with F.O.O.L’s upcoming album MACHINE, arriving November 10.

F.O.O.L and Waveshaper Encounter

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