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Break On Through to the Otherside With Ternion Sound’s ‘Digital Artifice’

by Tyrone Basket

In 2016, bass producers Apparition, Johnny Foreplay, and Nostalgia came together for an impromptu b2b2b on the beach stage at Infrasound Music Festival. After experiencing an incredible sense of chemistry from the first drop of bass, it was clear this wouldn’t be the last time they played together. Seven years later, that same group of DJs, now known as the one and only Ternion Sound, have officially released their debut album, Digital Artifice

Released through Noisia‘s renowned label VISION on Friday, October, 13th, Digital Artifice is full of infectious bass and genre-bending soundscapes that’ll take you on a  sonic journey like no other. Representing the underground since their inception, the rising bass trio’s debut album not only serves as an ode to that underground sound but stands up for art and expression as a whole. 

Digital Artifice was years in the making.

When discussing the album, Ternion Sound stated, “This album has been years in the making… and it’s the most challenging creative work we’ve ever put together.” After the first listen it’s clear that their hard work paid off. Spanning across 26 tracks, the album is designed to be experienced as a continuous mix as it takes listeners on a mesmerizing trip through sound and vibrations. Exploring everything from bass-heavy beats to stunning 808s, emotional melodies, and riveting synthesizers with a dash of hip-hop, Digital Artifice is both captivating and revolutionary. 

Ternion Sound is filled with next-level collaborations.

Not only did Ternion Sound bring their A-game, but their features did, too. Working with artists like Crazy D, EMZ, PAV4N, SonnyJim, Logan_OLM, and Khallil, the trio showcased an incredible ability to incorporate other styles of music without compromising their unique bass-heavy sound. From the headkockin’ verses of Communion and Heaven Sent to the thought-provoking vocals of Tangerine Dreams, the collaborations not only made sense but amplified the power of the already hard-hitting record. 

Digital Artifice is an expression of rebellion.

Presented as a counter-cultural experience, Ternion Sound emphasizes that “art isn’t disposable, and neither is this album.” Digital Artifice is an expression of rebellion against DSP platforms, which see artistic creations as solely content for viral consumption. If you really think about it, music, as we know, is under attack. From AI’s growing ability to not only mimic an artist’s sound but create music itself to oversaturation and TikTok trends, it seems that the music industry as a whole is focused more on making a quick buck than art and authenticity. But when artists like Ternion Sound create an authentic, emotion-fueled album like Digital Artifice, it not only challenges the status quo but allows the world to see through the facade of these digital illusions. When it’s all said and done technology and greed may threaten the fate of the music industry, but true art will always rise up through the ashes. 

You can stream Digital Artifice by Ternion Sound HERE!

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