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Sunday Spotlight With Late Night Radio, Dirt Monkey, Mersiv & More

by Tyrone Basket

Every Sunday, we explore some of our favorite new releases, and with the amount of new tunes that dropped this week, we had our work cut out for us. From heavy bass to dance-heavy house, here are 5 of our favorite tracks of the week.

Check out our top 5 EDM releases of the week.

Late Night Radio- Pocket Full Of Dreams

Late Night Radio‘s latest album, Pocket Full Of Dreams, takes you on an introspective sonic journey through soulful beats and funky bass.

You can stream Pocket Full Of Dreams by Late Night Radio HERE!

Mersiv – Out of Bounds LP

Mersiv blends hip-hop, pop, and mind-melting bass on brand new album, Out of Bounds.

You can stream Out of Bounds by Mersiv HERE!


Dirt Monkey’s latest masterpiece, MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1, is a wonky, dance-heavy, bass-fueled sonic experience.

You can stream MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1 by Dirt Monkey HERE!

IMANU- Paradise

IMANU‘s latest album, Paradise, is filled with emotional soundscapes and hypnotic beats that will leave you in a state of euphoric bliss.

You can stream Paradise by IMANU HERE!

Lane 8 & Grigoré – Pipi Dormir

Lane 8 once again pushes the boundaries of his sound with his latest track Pipi Dormir with Grigoré.

You can stream Pipi Dormir by Lane 8 and Grigoré HERE!

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