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ANTAGONÏZER Wades Through Shadows Of Bass With ‘OMNIVIOLENCE EP’

by Tyrone Basket

Alt-electronic artists Crywolf and AWAY have not only joined forces but manifested as the duo ANTAGONÏZER to deliver a brand new ominous EP titled OMNIVIOLENCE. Released today through HypnoVizion, OMINIVILONCE is filled with dark, grungy bass, twisted soundscapes, and rebellious beats that fuel your senses. Taking listeners on a twisted trip through a sonic realm of anarchy, the duo’s debut EP is both a thrilling ride into the minds of ANTAGONÏZER and an absolute must-listen.

“OMNIVIOLENCE is raw energy and instinct transformed into sound. Living in the most abyssal recesses of the mind, this EP isn’t just music — it’s an exploration, a confrontation with the primal drives we often bury,” ANTAGONÏZER explained. “Each track delves into the raw chaos and brutal truths that punctuate our existence. With OMNIVIOLENCE, we embrace the tempest within, unapologetically and unfiltered.”


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