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Starya Glimmers With Vibrant Light On New Single ‘Gradient’

by Tyrone Basket

Starya has taken us on yet another transcendent experience with her latest single, Gradient. Released on Friday, October 27, Gradient expands on Starya’s kaleidoscopic sound as she effortlessly blends euphoric soundscapes, hypnotic beats, and angelic vocals that will have you traveling through the universe itself. 

The track begins with a hypnotic rhythmic beat, leading to her warm and airy vocals as she sings, “I wanna lay down like a sunset/slowly turning into a gradient/and as I pull the light across the ground/you’re wondering if I’ll ever come back around.” As the vocal fades into the darkness, she then illuminates the track with riveting melodies and thumping bass that is both profound and psychedelic. 

When commenting on the track, Starya explained, “The most powerful thing in our galaxy – the sun – can change everything about how the world looks to us, so how awesome is it that the same thing can happen when someone special enters or leaves your life? I wanted to write a song about that parallel, and of course, need it to be accompanied by the third most powerful thing – BASS!”  

You can stream Gradient by Starya HERE!

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