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Modapit Dives Into His Official ODESZA Remix, Playing EDC & The Art of Self-Expression

by Tyrone Basket

Don’t misinterpret the mystique of Modapit. Reining in a shroud of mystery, the rising DJ and producer may seem standoffish, but behind that dark mask and shadowy veil stands an artist who’s yearning for self-expression and grounded in authenticity. Pouring his heart and soul into every production, he’s curated a sound that’s profoundly emotional, compelling, and cinematic. Through vibrant soundscapes and electrifying ballads, he not only takes listeners on a trance-inducing journey through time but transports you into realms of sound beyond imagination.

As the year drifts to an end, 2023 has proven time and time again to be a breakout year for elusive masked artist. From an explosive performance at EDC Las Vegas to his highly acclaimed debut album Devotion and now an official remix for ODESZA, Modapit is etching his name into this iconic era of dance music.

The Daily Frequency caught up with Modapit to discuss the inspirations behind his It’s Only Remix, upcoming performances at EDC Orlando and Countdown, plus a whole lot more. 

You can check out the exclusive interview with Modapit below.

DF: You just dropped a massive remix of ODESZA’s “It’s Only!” How does it feel to put out an official remix for such a legendary duo?

Modapit: ODESZA is an insanely huge inspiration for me. The emotion I get from listening to their music is something I really wish to capture in my own music. I’m super inspired by their melodies and their live show, and I’d love to get to the point where I’m matching their energy at my own live shows. That is a major goal of mine.

DF: What made you want to remix “It’s Only” instead of one of ODESZA’s newer songs? Is there something in particular about the track that resonates with you personally?

Modapit: I’ve seen ODESZA live so many times, and every time “It’s Only” comes on, I feel this shift in the atmosphere at their shows. The song, the lyrics, and the melodies of that song create such an emotionally moving atmosphere at their shows. 

Every time I play my remix of that song at my shows, it’s the same feeling! I start getting teary-eyed behind my mask because there’s just something about what those lyrics are saying and what’s going on in the world that connects on such a spiritual level. It is hard to deny the sentiment that the song expresses. 

DF: You found a way to keep all the nostalgia of the original version of “It’s Only” while still making it your own. How does your creative mindset differ when you’re remixing a track as opposed to writing an original?

Modapit: This song was already pretty close to the melodic content of a song that I would create on my own. I essentially made it faster, added a more tech-sounding bassline, and gave it my signature big synth sound to drive home that emotion that I feel from it. It felt like the remix wrote itself. I played the melody while I was listening to the song, and that’s just what naturally came out when I recorded that lead synth to the track. 

DF: You stated that every time you see ODESZA live, you get invigorated to take your own music to the next level. How many times have you seen them, and what about their shows inspires you the most?

Modapit: It is just the level of effort that goes into making sure they are putting on a truly one-of-a-kind show. This is the same level of effort that I put into my shows. When you come to see Modapit, I want it to feel like a truly special occasion that you will want to remember for years. 

Every time I have left an ODESZA set, I am just in awe about how much exertion they put into entertaining their fans. I am inspired by that, and it motivates me to hit that same level of drive with everything I do in Modapit.

DF: Your sound is filled with so much emotion and is wholeheartedly you. How important is it to express your most authentic self with your music?

Modapit: Even though I have this visually mysterious aspect of what I look like, the music couldn’t be any more personal to me. It is an expression of who I am and how I feel. It is extremely critical that the music is always that way. I always make sure I’m playing the melodies on a keyboard and that it has a human feel to it. When I play these melodies, it is an expression of my feelings as I hit the keyboard. I can’t fake what my hands decide to play.

DF: How do you get into that expressive state when writing music? Is there anything you do to draw out inspiration, or is it something that just comes and goes? 

Modapit: I am at a point in my life where I’m happy with where I’m going and what I’m doing. I’m not trying to impress anybody or please anybody with the music I’m making, and that has a lot to do with being easily inspired more often. I’m not making music for the purpose of blowing up or being famous or anything like that. The music has strictly been an expression of raw emotions. The hope is that fans and listeners feel and relate to that emotion, connecting with the music through them.

DF: You present such a mysterious allure, from your stage presence to your fashion. How do you feel your mystique compliments your sound?

Modapit: I wanted to do something really weird with what I was wearing. It kind of unintentionally turned into this “anonymous” thing where people are trying to guess who’s under here, but to me, it was more about acceptance. When people look at Modapit, I don’t want people to get an idea of who I am as a person by just seeing me. Because of that, my hope is that there is more of a focus on what the music is portraying, and people don’t feel singled out. 

I am sure the mask thing gets an interesting amount of attention, but when people aren’t able to put a face to the music, hopefully, they will just listen to the music and try to hear who I am. I have this idea that music shouldn’t feel like it’s for a single gender or a single belief. My vision is that all people can look at this project and feel acceptance. 

DF: You also have an amazing ability to take listeners on a journey, especially with your debut album, Devotion. What inspires you to take such a cinematic approach with your productions?

Modapit: When an artist takes the time to make an album, you are getting this huge level of effort and expression from the artist. 

DF: Speaking of the album, you are dropping a special edition vinyl for Devotion! How does it feel to put a record like this on vinyl?

Modapit: Honestly, it is such a dream come true. I have a pretty big vinyl collection, so to be able to produce vinyls for the album and put it next to the other records in my collection is so epic. We did the vinyl in my favorite color, Royal Blue, as well. I had no idea this was even possible, but the exact color was called Royal Blue. I thought that was so cool.

DF: After an incredible set at EDC Vegas, you’ll be taking the stage at EDC Orlando and closing out the new year at Countdown! What can fans expect once you take the stage? 

Modapit: New music at every show! Not one show is going to be exactly like the other, so every festival performance is a unique experience. I hope people appreciate that.

DF: Finally, if you had to describe Modapit in one word, what would it be?

Modapit: Hopeful. I love spreading love and positivity, and hope is something I believe in. In life, when we lose hope, we start to go down dark paths that we may not typically go down. I just want people to feel better. I don’t expect perfection. Just better, at least.

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