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F.O.O.L Evolves Into True Form With Mind-Expanding Debut Album ‘MACHINE’

by Tyrone Basket

It’s one thing to create an album that takes listeners on a journey, but when the music itself is the journey, you’ve ascended into an entirely new realm of sound. This is precisely what the multi-faceted DJ and Producer F.O.O.L pulled off with his debut album, MACHINE

Released on Friday, November 10, through Monstercat Uncaged, MACHINE is a 14-track spacetime odyssey that transcends reality through a fusion of synth-wave soundscapes and bass-heavy beats. 

F.O.O.L is the protagonist of his own story.

MACHINE is not only a mind-expanding journey into sound but tells a story through the eyes of F.O.O.L as he crosses into a futuristic dimension of time where heavy bass and cyberpunk beats serve as the soundtrack to this strange dystopian world. 

“The concept behind this album is that F.O.O.L is hooked up to a machine, which is making him evolve and become more powerful, symbolic of how I have evolved my sound,” F.O.O.L explained.

 As soon as the album begins, you are immediately transported into the mind of F.O.O.L. The opening track, Machine, first pulls you in with a hypnotizing build before blasting you into oblivion with electrifying bass. As you shift into the energetic sounds of AGONIZE, you feel as if you’re F.O.O.L himself manifesting into a powerful being that’s fueled by some sort of sentient machine. As the story unfolds through gritty soundscapes and mind-bending beats, it’s clear that F.O.O.L is not only getting stronger by the second but becoming a hero-like figure in this new cyberpunk reality. 

MACHINE symbolizes F.O.O.L.’s evolution as a producer. 

Just as F.O.O.L.’s character evolves throughout the record, F.O.O.L.’s sound has evolved into something both unique and revolutionary. Blending everything from dark techno to dubstep, he is able to create something profoundly new while still staying true to his synth-wave roots. From the commanding tones of Mothership to the bright yet somber melodies of Vibrance and the 80s vibe of The Law, F.O.O.L creates a sonic masterpiece that’s truly captivating and cinematic. 

“Diversity has always been super important to me, and that is something I wanted to express in ‘MACHINE’, while staying true to my distinct sound.” He adds. “This album also takes inspiration from my vision of the F.O.O.L character, along with my interest in dystopian and futuristic themes. I love to forge atmospheric and cinematic ambiances, so each listener can imagine their own story through this musical odyssey.”

You can stream MACHINE by FO.O.L HERE!

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