How Festival Culture Guided Me Towards Meditation

There is something extraordinary about the power of the music festival community that reaches well beyond just music. From going to festivals and shows for ten years now, I’ve not only discovered new music year after year but have had remarkable experiences that shaped how I view the world. I’ve made lifelong friends and have […]

Our Top Ten Quarantine Sets

If there is one thing that quarantine has shown us about the music industry, it’s that the electronic dance scene as a collective cannot be stopped. You can take away our shows, festivals, and tours, but our music isn’t going anywhere. With the “if you build it, they will come” attitude, EDM has stepped up […]

Top 10 Female DJ’s Killin’ The Game

It is no secret that female DJs don’t get the recognition they deserve in the music industry. You wouldn’t know it from looking at many festival lineups, but there is a sea of talented female DJs and producers who not only have a massive following but are a driving force behind electronic dance music.   […]

10 Modern Day Acts That Embody 60’s Culture

No era has been more transformative in music culture than the 1960s. Thanks to a combination of psychedelic drugs, the anti-war movement, and a longing for peace and unity, creativity exploded in a rebellious yet enticing fashion throughout the globe. The music changed, clothing styles were reimagined, hair became long, and the hippie was born. […]

Liquid Stranger and the Great Conjunction

The Universe has a peculiar way of speaking to you, especially when your judgments are closed and your heart and mind are open. When you are tuned into the right frequency, it becomes obvious that there is another force guiding us through this existence. You just have to trust that energy, and once you do, […]

Universal Wub

It’s 2020. If aliens are ever going to expose themselves, now would be the time. Over the summer, The New York Times reported that the Pentagon released a report where they admit that UFOs are real. They then squashed any doubt by later stating that by UFO, they mean a “craft, not of this world.”Amongst […]

Make America Listen to Music Again

Unless you live as a hermit and dismiss technology all together odds are you listen to music every day. It’s 2020. Everyone listens to music in some form or another. In fact, in today’s digital age, it’s damn near impossible to avoid it. According to a Nielson Music study in 2017, nearly 90 percent of […]

Dear Bonnaroo

Dear Bonnaroo,As June has come and gone, I sit in my apartment with my body not sore from dancing for four days straight, my mind not foggy from a 17-hour drive home, no Amish Donuts in my stomach, but yet I still feel a buzz that only Bonnaroo can produce. If you’ve been there, you […]

A Festivus For The Rest Of Us & Festival Season For The Best Of Us

There is nothing quite like this time of year. The holiday shopping, the giant sales, the gifts, the food, the drinks, and everything consumerism has to offer us. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is well underway and our stress levels are spiked like the seltzers in your local liquor store. For us […]

The Journey Begins

Music is like a drug that I could never kick. The more music I consume the more I want and the deeper I dig to find it. My name is Tyrone Basket and I am a full time blogger and founder of The Daily Frequency. As a music junkie with a journalism degree from Rutgers […]

Holy Ship: Wrecked 2020
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What’s Up? I’m Tyrone and I’m a music junkie who got tired of the same generic content being pushed by major publications. I created The Daily Frequency for the people who’s playlist go from dubstep to hip-hop, to classic rock, to indie rock all in the same hour. We all don’t just listen to Drake 24/7! Believe it or not Music has never been better than it is right now. You just have to know where to look. Follow me on my journey to discover all that music has to offer.

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