Dear Bonnaroo,
As June has come and gone, I sit in my apartment with my body not sore from dancing for four days straight, my mind not foggy from a 17-hour drive home, no Amish Donuts in my stomach, but yet I still feel a buzz that only Bonnaroo can produce. If you’ve been there, you understand.

If you have yet to experience the Farm, words cannot do it any justice. It’s not quite the same as returning from our beloved home, but I still feel something. Maybe it’s my body subconsciously thinking it was at Roo as it does every year at this time. Or perhaps it’s the memories from old photos and videos popping up from not only my phone but on my timeline from my friends. There is something special about Bonnaroo. Even when it doesn’t happen, the magic still somehow finds it’s way to us. Scrolling through my feed, watching videos and pictures of past Roos, and watching Homearoo streamed by Bonnaroo365, for now, the third weekend brought me through a roller coaster of emotions. From sadness to happiness, to nostalgia, euphoria, and back to sadness again.

The bonnablues are absolutely a real thing. But it also proved that Bonnaroo is more than just a gathering of hippies listening to music in a field every June. It’s a community like no other that lasts throughout the entire year. I frankly can’t think of any other festival that impacts people’s lives as much as Bonnaroo.

So many great things have happened in my life because I attended my first Roo back in 2017. Not only have I discovered new top-notch music year after year, but I’ve found a new home, made new lifetime friendships, and found love, as the Farm introduced me to my girlfriend of now almost three years. Bonnaroo will always have a special place in my heart.

Before the announcement of the cancellation, I was optimistic about experiencing Septemberoo. You may call it blind ignorance, but due to our world’s current state, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting to end this bizarre time. A place for four days with nothing but love, music, freedom, and togetherness, which we all need so desperately. A break and a release of everything we are going through. Of course, safety is the main priority, and all though it’s heartbreaking, we won’t be on the Farm this year, I understand and have come to peace with it.

2021 is far away, but imagine that feeling of walking through gates next year after everything the world has thrown at us. After not being on the Farm for two whole years. After fighting through the worst times of our lives, through the pandemic, the lockdown, racial injustice, unemployment, the list goes on, and we still have the peace of mind to smile through all the bullshit and come together through love and music.

Yes, the wait sucks, but Bonnaroo is always worth the wait, whether it’s 12 hours in line or two years in between. Next year will, without a doubt, be the best year yet. So thankyou Bonnaroo for giving us a light at the end of the tunnel. This year we will live through the memories we’ve made on the Farm, and I know we will be together soon.


Tyrone Basket, a Bonnaroovian

There is nothing quite like this time of year. The holiday shopping, the giant sales, the gifts, the food, the drinks, and everything consumerism has to offer us. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is well underway and our stress levels are spiked like the seltzers in your local liquor store. For us free spirit music lovers it gets even worse. We have bigger issues then just crossing gifts of our holiday check list. We have to figure out what festivals we’re going to hit as festival season rapidly approaches. Lineups are dropping, tickets are on sale, fests are already selling out. It’s madness out there and its not even 2020. Here’s a list of our top 5 Fests to hit in North America this season so far.

Electric Forrest

Taking Place June 25-June 28 in Rothbury, Michigan Electric Forrest is one of the most magical, eye opening, festivals one can experience. Celebrating they’re 10th anniversary with artists such as Bassnectar, Flume, and The String Cheese Incident , its safe to say Forrest is the Place to be at the end of June. There is nothing like the magic of getting lost in all the Forrest has to offer so its no wonder they sold out in less than hour. There is nothing more disheartening then setting an alarm the moment tickets go on sale just to find out they’re already sold out. Trust me I know and feel your pain. Luckily there is a ticket exchange and according to Electric Forrest everyone that signed up for the exchange last year received a ticket so there is still hope!

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

Back from a one year 2019 hiatus Okeechobee is kicking off the 2020 festival season from March 5-8 in Sunshine Grove, Okeechobee Florida . They are back better than ever with a star studded lineup including names like Glass Animals, Kaskade, Mumford & Sons, and Vampire Weekend. The vibes are described as a mix between Bonnaroo and Electric Forrest with palm trees and that fantastic Florida weather. Luckily tickets are still on sale but are moving fast!


Taking Place June 11-14 in Manchester, Tennessee Bonnaroo is the closest one can get to Woodstock in today’s day and age. As a fellow bonnaroovian I can say there is nothing that compares to being on the farm. Words can’t do it justice. Like an acid trip you won’t understand it until you experience it for yourself. There is a reason why thousands of people (myself included)buy tickets every year before the lineup is even released. They’ve released three clues already confirming Rezz, Marc Rebillet, and Pinegrove. There is also swarming rumors that Tool, Tame Impala, and Lizzo will be headlining. We’ll just have to wait for Janurary for the full lineup. Never the less Bonnaroo is not a Festival to be Missed!


Taking Place March 20-21 in the Great City of New Orleans Buku announces a stellar lineup that most fests cannot match. Headliners include Flume, Illenium, Tyler The Creator, Run The Jewels and many more.

Hangout Fest

Whats better than a festival on the beach? You got the sun, the sand, and great music especially when it comes to Hangout’s 2020 lineup. Located on Alabama’s Gulf Shores Hangout takes place from May 15-17. Its a beach party you don’t want to miss with performances from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marshmello, Post Malone and more.

The Daily Frequency will be attending Okeechobee, Bonnaroo, and electric Forrest! Which Fests will you hit? Let us know in the comments.

Music is like a drug that I could never kick. The more music I consume the more I want and the deeper I dig to find it. My name is Tyrone Basket and I am a full time blogger and founder of The Daily Frequency. As a music junkie with a journalism degree from Rutgers University, I find that writing about music and the culture that surrounds it not only gives me purpose but it makes me feel alive. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the music scene but since I am no where near skilled enough to be a musician, rapper, or a DJ even if all they do is “push a button,” I’ve decided to stay in my lane and write.

Music plays an extremely important roll in society and who we are as human beings. It’s one of the purest and oldest forms of self expression that influences how we think, how we act, and what we fight for on a global scale. Music defines generations, combats authority, and stands for those who can’t stand for themselves. Music makes you laugh, cry, dance, rebel, party, and rage. It can be simple or sophisticated. Loud and obnoxious or soft and peaceful. It’s for lovers, it’s for fighters. Music crosses borders and breaks the language barrier. It can start war, it can stop war, and lead to great social change. Without music we would be lost. The art itself is universal.

We may disagree on what makes music good or what makes music bad, but if it makes you feel that strong emotion, that hair raising, goose-bump rising, feeling of a song that resonates with you then it’s done it’s job, no matter what genre or how popular it may be. That is why I’ve created the daily frequency. I want this to be more than just a music blog. I am not here to critique, as art is art. I am here to interpret, examine, indulge, and appreciate all types of music mainstream or underground, old or new. Music is more than just lyrics and rhythm. It is a way to decorate time and bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together. Follow me on my journey to discover new and old music and bring people together in a way only music can.