1/25/21 Flux Pavilion-.Wav


On January 11, Flux Pavilion announced to the world that he will no longer be creating dubstep and would be focusing his energy towards a new direction. Ten days later, he released his 16 track album titled .Wav, and it is safe to say the former Dubstep Don delivered a stunning masterpiece.

Although it is not an album fans would expect from the producer who created heavy hits such as I can’t Stop or Bass Cannon, .Wav seems to be Flux’s most authentic album. It reveals his true musical genius and aspects of his taste and personality that have never before been seen.

It is easy for artists to get wrapped up in the sound that first broke them into their respected scene and made them who they are. It takes true courage to reach outside of your comfort zone and risk your career in order to create something entirely new and unexpected. Flux’s transition from heavy bass music to melodic soundscapes is not only important for himself but for dubstep as a whole.

Featuring an array of various artists such as Feed Me, Drowsy, and The Chain Gang of 1974, Flux is able to hit on multiple sub-genres of electronic dance music. With no one track sounding like the other, Flux is having fun making music again. Without the pressure to make that deep dubstep banger, he is free to explore his versatile musical capabilities, and it shows.

Flux not only sings on the album, but he truly shines with his underrated guitar riffs and analog work as he is able to create dreamy soundscapes and captivating vocals that hit you hard emotionally. .Wav takes you on a beautiful journey through sound and experimentation while still staying true to Flux’s style.

.Wav is an adventurous attempt for Flux to reinvent himself, and, in doing so, he has created the most alluring project of his career and has set a great example for any artist looking to transform their creative vision.