4/5/21-Jai Wolf- The Cure To Loneliness


When getting into EDM Jai Wolf found himself gravitating to the hard-hitting dubstep sound of the time which was pushed along and made popular by Skrillex. Experimenting with sound design, and finding his lane he soon decided that dubstep was not for him. Instead, he opted to find a sound that not only had longevity but was undoubtedly his own. In 2019 on April 5th, he released his debut album titled The Cure To Loneliness and accomplished just that. Exactly two years later Jai Wolf’s The Cure To Loneliness is a timeless work of art that still holds up today. As Jai Wolf looked past the traditional EDM template of song structure and focused more on his roots as a classical musician, he was able to create something unique, nostalgic, and full of emotion.

In order to cure loneliness, one must understand each aspect of what loneliness can be. Loneliness can be sad, beautiful, troubling, and inspiring. The concept of the album was to explore everything that comes with loneliness. The general theme of the album is “looking at the idea of loneliness through different lenses. Each song focuses on a different aspect of loneliness. Dealing with loneliness, accepting loneliness, and everything in between. That spectrum of a multitude of feelings is what I centered the theme of the album around,” Jai Wolf told edm.com in 2019.

Jai Wolf took two years to complete his debut album and it shows as he was able to create an electronic album that transcends the typical EDM sound. Inspired by bands like Fallout Boy and artists like Kanye West, The Cure To Loneliness sounds more like an indie-pop record with a cinematic appeal than just an electronic album.

The album kicks off with a dreamy 39-second intro, before transitioning into  Lose My Mind featuring Mr. Gabriel. The song as a whole perfectly captures the essence of the entire album. “Nodding my head when I really mean maybe. Just wanna sit at home and watch a little TV. Focus on the thunder in my head.” Gabriel sings as the struggle of wanting to be social and do things clash with the inability to escape loneliness. This becomes the underlying message throughout the album as enjoying loneliness yet hating it at the same time creates a melting pot of emotions.

With 80s inspired synth work and euphoric melodies, Jai Wolf is able to make a dark subject in loneliness feel warm and bright. Songs like Telepathy, Still Sleeping, and This Song Reminds Me of You ease the listener with nostalgic landscapes and an uplifting undertone.

Maniac Pixie Dream then acts as a euphoric bridge as the album turns down a more melancholy road with tracks like It all Started With A Feeling, Better Off Apart, and Drowning.

The Half Hearted Interlude and Your Way featuring Day Wave bring back more positive vibes as bouncy basslines and bright harmonies lead up to the epic orchestral feel of Around the World to close out the album.

Jai Wolf proves that electronic music can reach far beyond the limits of traditional dance music and can perfectly mesh with indie-pop. Full of dreamy atmospheres and touching nostalgia, Jai Wolf creates an immersive experience for the listener. The Cure To Loneliness captures every emotion of what it means to be alone. Its vibrant tones and uplifting interpretation of loneliness allow the album to act as the perfect cure for being alone or at least act as a temporary escape.