[Listen] Jason Leech and Raddix Raise The Vibration With ‘Ghost’

One thing ‘bout music, when it hits, you feel no pain. Cultivating those feel-good vibes through the power of sound, the rising electronic dance music star Jason Leech has teamed up with the singer Raddix for their latest single, Ghost. Released on Friday, January 13, through Gravitas Recordings, Ghost is filled with beautiful melodies and soothing harmonies which, like a sonic remedy, will surely set you free. 

Jason Leech opens up Ghost with hypnotic synths and piano, which immediately sets the tone for the track. As you’re sucked into the radiant soundscapes, Raddix’s vocals propel you into euphoria before the infectious chorus and invigorating drop sweep you away. Ghost is not only a must-listen but will absolutely raise your vibrations each and every time you hit that play button.  

You can stream Ghost HERE!

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