Ultra Miami is set to be canceled yet again for concerns created by the coronavirus. Organizers of the festival are awaiting approval of the new dates from the city of Miami before releasing an official cancelation announcement.

This will be the second straight year Ultra has been forced to cancel due to the pandemic. Last year Ultra was canceled just a week before its opening day as it became the first major festival to close its doors due to the virus.

In a letter dated on January 21, 2021, Ultra’s general counsel attorney, Sandy York states that conditions that led city officials to cancel Ultra in 2020 remain in place for 2021. York also asks for approval to reschedule the festival.

As Ultra is always held in March, news of the cancellation in 2021 comes to no surprise as covid19 rates continue to climb throughout America. With the vaccine just now starting to circulate, there is not enough time for spring shows to safely occur, let alone major festivals.

Organizers hope to hold the festival in 2022 from March 25-27 at Bayfront Amphitheater.

Ultra is one of the world’s biggest electronic music festivals and showcases some of the best talent that dance music has to offer.

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, the music festival industry is stuck in limbo as uncertainty takes a firm grip on the fate of live music.

Uncertainty was pushed even further this morning as Glastonbury, the world’s biggest music festival, held in England, announced its cancelation for 2021 and has decided to set its sights on the 2022 festival season. If a festival this large has already been canceled, the odds of a festival season happening this summer are slim.

Official Glastonbury Announcement

Yet, strangely enough, this afternoon, The Rothbury Village Council approved dates in June 2021 for Electric forest as well as two alternate weekends in August. This by no means guarantees that the festival will happen but offers a slight sense of optimism towards the possibility of Electric Forrest making a comeback in 2021.

Regardless of today’s events, the fate of live music and festivals are still very much in limbo for the upcoming season, but music fans can remain hopeful.

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Last week British Producer and dubstep pioneer Flux Pavilion announced that he is “no longer a dubstep person” via Twitter, turning his fan base into a frenzy as they questioned what was next for the Bass Cannon DJ.

After ten years of pushing the genre forward with massive bass-heavy hits, Flux no longer feels inspiration or joy when it comes to creating dubstep bangers. However, that does not mean he is quitting music altogether. Instead, he is reinventing himself and announced a new album to be released on Thursday, January 21.

The album titled .Wav is utterly different than anything Flux has previously released yet still stays true to his electronic roots. Based on the album’s singles, Flux seems to be transitioning into a more relaxed style with chill melodies, graceful chord progressions, and angelic harmonies.

It is always refreshing to see an artist on Flux’s level find the motivation to reinvent and challenge themselves creatively. It’s going to be a surreal feeling to hear what Flux has in store for us on Thursday.

.Wav will be available on all streaming platforms.

Flux also announced a live stream event to celebrate the album on February 5th and 6th.

According to Joe Berchtold, Live Nation is feeling extremely confident and optimistic about the state of live music. With reports of vaccine development, already underway Berchtold predicts live music will be back in full swing come 2021.

“We feel good right now. At this point, given the vaccine news, we start to see with much greater clarity what the path return to live is” Berchtold told CNBC on an interview earlier this week.

As the corona virus begins to spike once again in America, we see what a post covid music scene looks like as Asia and parts of Australia and New Zealand have already brought live music and festivals back to full capacity.

A sea of 10,000 fans at Ultra Taiwan. November 14, 2020

With a vaccine in place and readily available, the possibility of live music returning becomes greater and greater. With Live Nation festivals such as Bonnaroo already scheduled for the September, the return to normal seems to be right around the corner.

It is essential at this time to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing, and before we know it, we will be back in that crowd dancing and singing with our friends. We’ve made it eight months. We can make it a few more!

It is no secret that the music industry is getting hit harder than any other industry in America, and unfortunately, it is not getting any better. With no end to the pandemic in sight, major festivals such as Bonnaroo and Coachella are already forgoing the 2021 summer season and preparing for fall festivals once again. We all are in disarray as we desperately wait for live music to return to the way it was. We have made the best of the cards we’ve been dealt with and found creative, safe ways to enjoy live music, but everyone knows it is not the same. Drive-in raves and socially distant concerts, as fun, as they may be, are not sustainable and certainly won’t save the dying music industry.

I wish it were as simple as snapping our fingers to get live music back once the pandemic is over, but it’s not. The hard pill to swallow is that without venues, our favorite artists can’t perform. One may think that just because festivals are announcing dates that everything will be okay, but the truth is that touring and small venues are the backbone of the music industry. If they fall, everything else falls with it.

Without government funding and financial support, 90 percent of independent music venues could close its doors for good. It would be a devastating blow to the music industry and a steep climb back up.

Recently the House passed the “Heros Act.” which included provisions of the Save Our Stages Act, which would give 10 billion in funding to independent venues. The bad news is that the republican controlled senate is unlikely to pass the bill unless a deal is reached with the Democrats, leaving the “Cares Act’ in limbo.

The good news there is something we can do. The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) is partnering with YouTube for a 3-day virtual music festival called Save Our Stages to raise awareness and donations for the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund to support our most vulnerable venues.

The festival will kick off Friday, October 16, at 8 pm on youtube and end on Sunday the 18th. The festival will host performances by Miley Cyrus, The Foo Fighters, Major Lazer, and more.

You can subscribe on youtube to watch #SOSfest for free and donate at Save Our Stages.

It’s also not too late to take action, by sending a message to your local representatives to drive support for government assistance. NIVA has a letter made up to send if you wish to lend your support.

Just seven months after the untimely death of the superstar rapper Juice Wrld, his estate dropped his first posthumous album titled “Legends Never Die” early Friday morning. The highly anticipated album which was announced early last week sent fans of all ages into a frenzy causing Spotify to temporarily crash as it earned over 73 million downloads in the first day. The biggest debut of any album in 2020.

All though Juice passed just 6 days after his 21st birthday back in December, the young artist established himself not only as a heavy weight in hip- hop but as a voice to a young generation struggling with identity, depression and mental health. Instead of following the stereotypical demeanor portrayed in rap culture of hiding your feelings and establishing a rough hard to break exterior of what it means to “be a man” juice raped about his emotions and in doing so related to millions of fans around the world. Instead of violence and being “hard” he exposed his vulnerabilities as he talked about depression, heartbreak, drug abuse, anxiety, love, and hope in his music. Mixed with his undeniable talent as a song writer and his ability to freestyle Juice became a legend at such a young age. In my opinion a mix of Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne would be an accurate representation of the late rapper.

Juice Wrld performing Robbery at Bonnaroo 2019

“Legends Never Die” picks up where his previous two albums “Goodbye & Good Riddance” and “Death Race for Love” left off. If you’ve been following the rapper since “Lucid Dreams” the opening monologue in his first track Anxiety will leave you in a whirl wind of emotions.

“Before I get up out of here, I wanna tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to, period. As long as you work hard, give it your all and don’t listen to what anybody got to say, it’s your world, you can do what you want, on bro, period
Always remember that, I love every single last one of y’all” Says Juice as it feels like he is talking to us beyond the grave.

Fans around the globe were not shy expressing how they felt as tweets flooded the twitterverse in for support of the late rapper. Mixed with emotions they rejoiced for new music from Juice but grieved for the loss of an icon.

“Legends Never Die” consists of 21 tracks with star studded features such as Hasley, Marshmello, and Trippie Red. Some speculate a song representing every year Juice was alive. He covers everything from drug abuse to love and anxiety. With the direction of his new project you can tell how much he’s grown as an artist and the potential he had. He truly was something special and without a doubt a legend. RIP Juice.

You can find “Legends Never Die” on all streaming platforms.

Mac Miller’s first posthumous album titled “Circles” will be released on Friday January, 17th as a companion album from his critically acclaimed ‘Swimming LP” The news broke from Mac’s estate on Janurary 8th through his Instagram with a heartfelt letter from Mac’s Family describing Mac’s last body of work.

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Circles. January 17.

A post shared by Mac (@macmiller) on

Mac Miller’s posthumous project will be different than some we’ve seen in the past. It’s not a desperate money grab or a label trying to stay relevant. Its an attempt to truly capture Mac’s expression and message that he never got the chance to put out in the world. The album was nearly complete before Mac’s untimely passing in September of 2018. It was meant to accompany Swimming. Swimming In Circles was the concept. “Two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle.”

Mac Had been working with producer Jon Brion who dedicated himself to finishing “Circles” after Mac’s death based on all the conversations he had with the rapper during their studio sessions.

After the album announcement the first single of “Circles” titled “Good News” was released two days later. Hearing Mac’s voice is surreal as he raps and sings over the gentle hypnotic beat with heavy lyrics that hit hard especially knowing that he is no longer with us.

You really get a sense of what Mac was going through as he sings ” Good news, good news, good news ,that’s all they wanna hear no, they don’t like it when I’m down “. Explaining how no one wants to hear about his problems and ultimately he’s alone. It then gets difficult to listen as he raps “I heard they don’t talk about me too much no more and that’s a problem with a closed door” and “there’s a whole lot more for me waitin’ on the other side”. It makes you wonder if he had a sense of his impending demise. Yet, as painful as the song is it is a beautiful work of self expression that the world needs to hear.

Mac Miller’s family will release information on “Circles” and his Charity on a new Instagram account @92tilinfinity

After the historic impeachment of Donald Trump, the 45th president of The United States, Bassnectar vows to throw a free show in celebration. Something he tweeted out to his fans back in 2017.

Bassheads couldn’t be happier begging Bassnectar(real name Lorin Ashton) to come to their city with of course Washington DC being the most popular choice.

Bassnectar is known for his activism with his numerous foundations and vocalizing his political views through social media and other various platforms urging his fans to register to vote and fight for their freedoms.

It is important to note that although President Trump was impeached he has not yet been removed from office. There is still a high possibility that he will remain the president for the remainder of his term. A trial will be held in January 2020.

In the world of trance Armin Van Burren has changed numerous lives throughout the globe with his music and live shows. With his recent release of his 7th studio Album “Balance” consisting of 28 tracks featuring stars such as Above and Beyond, Josh Cumbee, and Ne-Yo, Armin is sitting on top of the world but with his latest venture he aims to save the world. He is now been appointed the new global ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature charity, where his goal is to “motivate millions of people to join the movement to stop plastic waste being dumped in oceans”.

Armin wants the world to know that he is more than just a DJ. ” Besides being a DJ and producer, I am also a father and I want to give my kids the world they deserve, a world that not only they can appreciate, but one that can be enjoyed by many generations to come. “

As an ambassador he is going to be asking his fans to sign a petition through the #Beatplastic campaign which calls on all the world leaders in the UN to draft a treaty focusing on stopping the pollution of our oceans.

There is 8 million tons of plastic being dumped in our ocean each year and by 2030 this number is expected to double if nothing is done to stop it.

You can sign Armin’s petition by clicking the link below #beatplastic


With over a month of anticipation fans can finally rejoice as Subtronics and Zeds Dead are finally set to release they’re new song “Bumpy Teeth” at some point today.

On December 13 Subtronics teased the new record on twitter with the announcement on its December 17th release.

“Bumpy Teeth” will be released off of Zeds Dead’s label Deadbeats which has been taking the bass scene by storm ever since its inception into the music world last year.

It’s also been a massive year for Subtronics who has released gigantic collaborations with Rusko, Griz, Kayzo, and Snails. At this pace he’s ready to set the bass scene a blaze in 2020.