Renn Talks New Single ‘Memories,’ Musical Journey, and More

Hailing from Montreal but now based in LA, Renn is quickly making a name for himself through his emotionally captivating future bass sound. Fueled by raw emotion and an unrelenting drive to become the best version of himself, the rising DJ and producer has created a sound that’s both electrifying and uniquely his own.

Last Friday, February 10, Renn teamed up with singer-songwriter Mary Sweet for his first release of the new year titled Memories. Expanding on his signature sound, the track is filled with wondrous soundscapes and heartfelt melodies that blast you into euphoric bliss.

Following the release, The Daily Frequency caught up with Renn to discuss Memories, inspirations, and more.

Check out the full interview with Renn below.

DF: You just dropped Memories with Mary Sweet! How does it feel to kick off 2023 with such a massive record?

Renn: It feels amazing! Been sitting on this one for a long time, and to finally be able to drop it out in this world as my first release of 2023 makes it even more special to me.

DF: It’s clear you and Mary have great chemistry when it comes to writing a song. What was it like working together? 

Renn: Mary definitely has a lot to offer. She has worked with multiple producers in the past, and she definitely knows what she’s doing. Exchanging ideas back in forth with her took quite some time, but only to make sure we got the best version out of it, and so far, we’re pretty happy with the final result!

DF: Memories is beautifully put together and hits every emotion from sadness to nostalgia and euphoria. Was there anything specific that inspired the track as a whole?

Renn: I got inspired when I heard the song “Brave Soul” from Illenium, that got released on his album Fallen Ambers in 2021. I immediately felt a deep connection with it and felt that I had to write a song around it while adding my own spin to it. I wanted to touch on a subject that really hits me deeply and to which a lot of people can relate as well. That’s when adding Mary’s vocals on it that the song gets its full meaning.

DF: Let’s take it back. When did your musical journey begin, and what inspired you to dive into production? 

Renn: In 2017, that was when I first opened Ableton and started producing music. Music was always around in my life, and I have always felt a deep connection with it. I discovered many electronic artists along the way and was always curious to know: how are they making all these sounds? That’s when I found out about the whole world of music production and developed a passion for it.

DF: Is there a particular song or festival experience that made you gravitate to the more melodic side of electronic music as an artist? 

Renn: The first ever music festival that I ever attempted was Ile Soniq Music Festival here in Montreal in 2015. At that time, the progressive house was at its prime. I developed an attraction for all these different melodic tracks, and it definitely influenced my taste of music further down the line.

DF: You have such a raw and emotional sound that can really take listeners on a journey. Do you practice any rituals or have a specific routine that helps you channel that emotional state while writing a song?

Renn: To write music that connects with my feelings on a profound level, I need to be in a great state of mind, and this starts with having good life habits like eating healthy, meditation, reading books, learning new things, being physically active, staying connected with your friends and loved ones and so on. Life is short…enjoy life! So you can make great music 🙂

DF: Is there anything you do outside of music that you’d say fuels your creativity or keeps you inspired? 

Renn: For sure! I often go for a run. I like the feeling of being free and letting go of all the pressure that the world puts on our shoulders. I also play hockey from time to time. For me, being physically active is one of the best ways to have a fulfilling life and to keep a good state of mind.

DF: You’ve talked on your socials about writing down your goals and visualizing success. How has that practice helped you personally? 

Renn: It helped me tremendously. If there’s a will, there’s a way! Dreams without goals are just dreams, and it’s so important to write them down to remind yourself every day where you are and where you want to be.


DF: In 2022, you officially played your first festival at Escapade alongside some incredible artists! What was that experience like, and can fans expect more festival performances in 2023?

Renn: Definitely an experience that I will never forget. I attended Escapade Music Festival in 2016 just as a fan, and seeing myself playing that exact same festival five years later was such a full-circle moment for me. It really proves that anything is possible if you have the vision and the work ethic for it. I’ve learned a lot through this experience, the bad and the good. Putting yourself in a position where you can personally learn and grow as an artist in this industry is so important in order to move forward and become the best version of yourself.

DF: Lastly, if you could accomplish anything within your music career, what would it be and why? 

Renn: One of my ultimate goals is to go on my own tour across the globe. There’s no better feeling out there than having people sing along to my songs, hoping that one day I would be able to play my music all around the world and impact as many people’s lives as possible.

You can stream Memories by Renn featuring Mary Sweet! HERE!

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